Frank Question: More Mulcair?

Is it possible Tom Mulcair will lead the NDP into the next general election?

Apparently a handful of Knee Dippers are having coup remorse and they’ve been urging the Great Man™ to run again. The ever delusional Mulcair says he’ll give it a consideration if no strong candidates for his leadership emerge in the coming months (er, that means you, Charlie Angus.)

Looks like Tom hasn’t heard the news that the NDP under his baton have less than 12 per cent support among Canadian voters—and 52 per cent of delegates declined to pledge allegiance to the Angry One at last spring’s party convention in Edmonton.

Guess Tom doesn’t have many options once he leaves politics, and he needs the dough (as of late last year, he was carrying debt on four different mortgages.)


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5 comments on “Frank Question: More Mulcair?
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Playing it safe on the Castro Cerfuffel will not win him support among hard core knee dippers.

  2. reym says:

    Oh no. We’ve gone from the great Tommy Douglas to the Thatcher fan Tom Mulcair. Ed Broadbent had this guy’s number from the get go. If he leads the party for the next election that could really be THE END of the NDP. Pathetic.

  3. OJM says:

    Yeah, well, the New Christy Minstrels had better hurry up and find a suitable donor for that charisma transplant Boss Tom so desperately needs…otherwise it’ll soon be back to stacking kale at the local organic market or trying to eke out a living on the semi-professional protest circuit for the lot of them.

  4. drdjet says:

    Hey now that Kellie Leitch wants to represent the working class (and the Donald can do the same stateside)why do we need the NDP? After all, the NDP has been too scared to say the words working class for years. Somebody was bound to notice that most Canadians don’t have a political party that represents their interests.

    Where is Canada’s Corbyn? We won’t find him among the Mulcair-like civil servants and teachers still holding the isolated outflanked NDP bunker.

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