Byron’s Song

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6 comments on “Byron’s Song
  1. merklin muffley says:

    Let’s hope they counted the silverware before he left.

  2. Rosemary444 says:

    Hot damn! I knew my FRANK Magazine Byron Muldoon ‘STILL UNINDICTED!’ mug would be back in style eventually! (Canadian Club/Nyquil blend not included).

    • daveS says:

      Does the “Durable white ceramic mug | Rounded edge, safe to drink from, even for children” come with changing numbers for the thousands of days he is still unindicted?

      • Rosemary444 says:

        No, but when you are finished, if you turn the cup upside down, you can read the rye entrails in the bottom of the cup; not unlike a cup of Serbo-Turkish coffee. It’s usually just Mila’s face on a Cheesie. Or a chandelier. Tamburica not included.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    No whore like an old whore, I guess.

  4. turkish says:

    This can’t be happening. Everybody knows that the Old Whore slithered back under his rock and died years ago. Right after his last fulminations over the media making such a big fucking deal over those paper sacks of cash he happily received from an admirer back in the day. Oh that’s right his admirer was sent to the slammer back in his native Germany or Austria or someplace.
    If, in fact, he’s back from the Untoten, Bryan (Nosferatu) Mulroney would be 179 years old. (citation required)

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