“Red meat”

This year’s Manning Centre Conference felt more than ever like a Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) convention. The annual gathering of conservative opinion leaders, academics, commentators and politicians comes to Ottawa every year in the dead of winter and aims to provide some ideological direction to the party while entertaining the grassroots with some rousing red meat speeches – or at least as red meat as these things get in Canada.
– David Krayden, Ottawa Sun, Feb. 27.

There were also questions about whether Mr. Trudeau, a selfavowed feminist and defender of diversity, could relate to a bully of a president who feeds his base the red meat of anti-immigrant rhetoric
– Editorial, Globe and Mail, Feb. 14.

The new U.S. president and Congress are taking a hard look at environmental rules – none harder than a freshman U.S. representative whose new bill would “terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.” Republicans have been known to threaten this from time to time, with the understanding it was red meat for ideological interests with no real chance of success.
– Eric Roston, National Post, Feb. 9.

Kenney was energized, feeding the faithful the conservative red meat.
– Rick Bell, Calgary Sun, Feb. 8.

O’Leary has two kids in Canada, 20 and 23 years old, and Trudeau is running up the debt. You can hear contempt in his voice as he rolls out his lines, serving up the political red meat.
– Rick Bell, Calgary Sun, Jan. 20.

Now, one might think that such a move would not exactly put Wall in good stead with his red-meat conservative followers who sincerely believe government should not be in the business of competing with services that can be delivered by the private sector.
– Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader-Post, Jan. 4.

With his promotion of legalized marijuana, his reckless decision to ease the growth of supervised drug injection sites and his pandering to the environmental fanatics with a carbon tax, Trudeau has carved-up a veritable smorgasbord of red meat for Trump’s base – most of whom wonder who the crackpot leading Canada is.
– David Krayden, Ottawa Sun, Dec. 27.

You want red meat? Trump is a master butcher.
– Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun, Dec. 1.

[Theresa] May has vowed a crackdown on immigrants, more red meat for her supporters.
– David Olive, Toronto Star, Oct. 15.

Carbon pricing produces an enormous opportunity for the Conservative party and its leadership hopefuls.It’s low-hanging fruit [bonus cliché!] for Conservatives as they try to paint Trudeau’s government as tax-and-spend Liberals [trifecta!]. It’s also red meat Conservative candidates can use to sell themselves as tax fighters during the leadership race.
– Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 8.

The Conservatives won’t regain power by leading with social conservatism. People like Kellie Leitch get that, which is why she’s throwing out red meat to the base on values like a butcher at the close of the market.
– Andrew MacDougall, Ottawa Citizen, Sept. 17.

Are we to leave it up to politicians such as Leitch, pandering as she is to the red-meat base of her party and to the deepest, anonymous beliefs simmering, if polls are to be believed, in most of us to come up with the list of the values to which newcomers must adhere?
– Chris Malette, Belleville News, Sept. 15.

WINNER: Sun papers (6)
MVPs: David Krayden (3), Rick Bell (2)
RUNNER-UP (tie): Toronto Star (2), Ottawa Citizen (2)

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