“Reared its ugly head”

So why the anti-Muslim movement now? It seems to have reared its ugly head following a board dispute with Muslim students and parents last fall over whether students could write their own sermons.
– Editorial, Toronto Star, Mar. 14.

In neighbouring Arizona, the sport business soap opera in the desert reared its ugly head yet again with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman urging state lawmakers to fast-track public funding for a new arena for the Coyotes, who are still without a long-term business horizon in suburban Glendale.
– Tom Mayenknecht, Vancouver Sun, Mar. 11.

Try now to get travel insurance, for example, and see what happens if you forget or neglect to list a “pre-existing condition,” regardless of whether it has been benign for years, and it suddenly decides to rear its ugly head while on a little Mexican getaway. It will rarely end up well.
– Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun, Mar. 9.

Depreciation rears its ugly head when consumers return to the dealer to acquire new wheels and are perplexed to learn just how little their old model is worth. And with 84- and 96-month auto loans becoming common, trade-ins increasingly are worth less than the outstanding loan.
– Mark Toljagic, Toronto Star, Feb. 19.

In cases where discrimination rears its ugly head, it is important we remember who we are as Canadians and where our familial lines come from.
– Jay Fallis, Orillia Packet & Times, Jan. 12.

It’s a profoundly undemocratic sentiment unworthy of the United States, never mind Canada. [Chris] Alexander should have shut it down the moment it reared its ugly head here. But he didn’t. He let it pass unchallenged.
– Editorial, Toronto Star, Dec. 6.

Winter has reared its ugly head in cities across the country, and just like every year, those early snowy blasts are creating havoc on the roads.
– Andrew Fifield, Metro, Dec. 5.

That phenomenon reared its ugly head last week when Canadians learned about Adam Capay’s four-year stay in solitary confinement.
– Corey Shefman, Winnipeg Free Press, Nov. 3.

The Sudbury byelection scandal reared its ugly head again on Tuesday, striking the Ontario Liberals and Premier Kathleen Wynne in the thick of two byelection campaigns.
– Geoff Zochodne, Queen’s Park Briefing, Nov. 1.

Up next, trade turbulence ahead as Canada tries to navigate tricky waters on the massive Canada-EU trade deal, and softwood lumber also getting ready to rear its ugly head. Chrystia Freeland is here next.
– Mercedes Stephenson, CTV Power Play, Oct. 14.

In that political arena, gender bias has already reared its ugly head.
– Craig and Marc Kielburger, National Post, Oct. 1.

Like last year, a high-tech dual LCD touchscreen infotainment setup takes up prominent real estate. While the system’s apps load faster and are more responsive this year, lag rears its ugly head when trying to activate some critical functions.
– Paul Choi, National Post, Sept. 23.

However, the main pre-tournament concern – that the 23-and-under squad was too attack-minded and thus vulnerable as a five-man defensive unit in pressure situations – reared its ugly head in the second period versus Russia.
– John Matisz, Toronto Sun, Sept. 21.

WINNER: Toronto Star (3)
RUNNER-UP (TIE): Toronto Sun (2); National Post (2)

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2 comments on ““Reared its ugly head”
  1. OJM says:

    Why is ugly head always reared and never given?

  2. gormab says:

    Bonokoski is rearing his ugly head? I thought he was retired.

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