Callin’ For More Regulation Is Like Yellin’ “Fire” In A Burnin’ Theatre!

Lord knows I’m not a religious fella, or a lady for that matter, but that awful fire in London has nearly got me on my knees prayin’ for the real victims, the taxpayers of Great Britain, except I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get to my feet again.

It’s easy to cast about for blame, like how them poor folks’d still be alive if the government hadn’t let ’em into the country in the first place.

Maybe this ain’t the time to talk about packin’ the survivors off to where they come from, but if Brits have their hearts in the right place they’ll need to, pronto.

One thing ya can count on is lefties the world over to make political hay out of this, which is just nuts, as people have no use for hay in this day and age.

They say fire regulations would have saved lives, but at what cost? If a nanny state means to hogtie me in red tape my head’ll explode, cheap cladding or no cheap cladding.

Look, nobody gets out of here alive, whether “here” be the world or your public housing firetrap. Better seize the day, and not put off writin’ that letter to the editor about goddamn bike lanes, because ya never know when yer number’s up.

Just ask Sears Canada. I thought they’d be around forever, just like stubbies and smokin’ on streetcars, but there ya go.

By the way, did ya hear about the Canadian sniper out Iraq way what set a new world snipin’ record? Three and half klicks sure is somethin’, irregardless the quality of enemy.

Sure, poppin’ a Russkie or a vintage Kraut woulda been more satisfyin’ than some ISIS lummox, who everybody knows is a dinar a dozen.

But he never knew what hit him. Which is a damn shame, since it was Canada.

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3 comments on “Callin’ For More Regulation Is Like Yellin’ “Fire” In A Burnin’ Theatre!
  1. OJM says:

    Given sniping’s growing popularity, shouldn’t it become an Olympic sport? Could mean more gold medals for Canada.

  2. daveS says:

    Yeah, what is this big press deal with a sniper shoot. Even the Canadian brass (the generals, not the band) are getting into it.
    I agree with Tom Mulcair on the crassness of it.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Of course we’d be horrified if aliens started sniping people over here in retribution. Wars for us happen in other countries.

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