If Trump Rubs Ya The Wrong Way Then Turn Around, Dummy!

When’s the loony left gonna smarten up and agree with me they’re idiots? I’m afraid the answer may be never!

This hate they got for Don Trump, I ain’t seen nothin’ like it before, least not since they tried to put Strombo on Hockey Night.

It makes me wonder whether Obama, the devil himself, has ’em all on the payroll. I wouldn’t put anythin’ past him!

It’s one thing to have honest disagreement over ol’ Trumpy’s hairstyle or choice of Slavic trophy wife, but there’s never a good reason to go after the man’s policies.

He knows red tape’s only good for cuttin’, probably at the openin’ of a new Trump hotel. And that the only good nuclear power is the kind that blows up North Korea, not the one that takes jobs away from Saudi Arabia.

Yessir, Donny’s sent ’em around the bend. To be specific, a blind left turn. And they’re seein’ red, which they think means speed up and hit somethin’. That’s a menace for all innocent, patriotic bystanders!

Now they’re on a witch hunt over Russia. The only witch I know is Hillary, and Mr. Trump already caught her.

Presto – no more witches!

If that weren’t enough, now they’re armin’ themselves, which is dangerous, even if they don’t know what end the bullet comes out.

I’ve yet to see a liberal pull off a spree.

Don’t kid yourself. Fillin’ your head with nonsense from Steve Colbert or that Maddow fella won’t make up for not puttin’ in the time at a gun club.

If it’s a civil war they want I don’t like their chances, unless it’s waged on the battlefield of Snapchat. Wherever the hell that is.

The fact remains that Mr. Trump ain’t goin’ nowhere, unless it’s to Mar-a-Lago this weekend. If so, rest assured it’s his idea, because nobody, but nobody tells him where to go!

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One comment on “If Trump Rubs Ya The Wrong Way Then Turn Around, Dummy!
  1. OJM says:

    Dick has had it in for the “loony left” ever since that Greenpeace girl refused to help him find the pocket in which he’d left his wallet.

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