“Steady drumbeat”

Or consider Mr. Trump’s steady drumbeat against the North American free-trade agreement.
– Tony Keller, Globe and Mail, June 3.

A simple Google search reveals that for the past five years, there’s been a steady drumbeat of whingeing emanating from the bar and the judiciary in the area, particularly about the “unmitigated disaster” that is the Milton courthouse, as one local lawyer has called it.
– Christie Blatchford, National Post, May 4.

But that hasn’t stopped [Jesse Brown] from trashing [Jonathan] Kay and his rag for the past couple of years, starting with a “Why is The Walrus so Boring” feature, followed by a steady drumbeat of allegations, to wit: “More Trouble at The Walrus,” “Freelancer Accuses The Walrus of Stealing Her Pitch,” “The Walrus Inflated Its Circulation” and “The Cushy Connections Between The Walrus and the Liberal Party,” those two last by alt.right shineboy Graeme Gordon.
– er, Frank, May 2.

It is sordid stuff, particularly in the methodical rendering of events as documented in the 30-page report issued to the public by [Lyse] Ricard on March 9, with nearly all the details provided by Ms. M, while [Senator Don] Meredith, in his interviews with Ricard, relies on a steady drumbeat of “no comment” and “cannot recall” and “the salaciousness of a conversation has no relevance to this hearing.”
– Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star, Mar. 19.

A steady drumbeat of media criticism and protest stunts, including the late-August storming of an NEB panel meeting in Montreal, combined with a distaste for former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper’s cheerleading for pipelines, eroded public support for the national regulator.
– Markham Hislop, Alberta Oil Magazine, Mar. 13.

Such is the furor that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions now finds himself in. Calls for his resignation continue after a steady drumbeat pounded by both Republicans and Democrats.
– Matt Kwong, CBC, Mar. 3.

It’s been a steady drumbeat of bad news for bees, so one student is doing her part to prepare for a potential future without them.
– Andrew Fifield, Metro, Feb. 17.

The Conservative leadership campaign, with its elaborate cast of characters and its steady drumbeat of televised debates, is attracting a lot of attention for the official opposition.
– Paul Wells, Toronto Star, Feb. 8.

Many of us are familiar with the steady drumbeat of the far right across the Atlantic: The growth of populist and xenophobic political parties has been matched by a surge in grassroots movements, many of which are steadfastly opposed to immigration, especially from Muslim-majority states.
– John McCoy and David Jones, Globe and Mail, Feb. 3.

WINNER (TIE): Globe and Mail (2); Toronto Star (2)

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2 comments on ““Steady drumbeat”
  1. wolfkir says:

    By the time one reads the third excerpt, the steady drumbeat of cliches has deadened all ability to tell sense from nonsense.

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “A steady drumbeat of whingeing.” I see Ms. Blatchford found that tab of acid she tossed into a drawer in 1969.

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