“Overplay his/their hand”

Bautista had his weaknesses – vainglory, a tendency to overplay his hand – but they were all extensions of a towering self-belief that was his greatest strength.
– Cathal Kelly, Globe and Mail, Sept 22.

If 1.76 million private corporations are not going to be affected by the government’s proposals, it suggests much ado about nothing — but raises the question of why the Liberals were not more specific in the first place. Smug strategists will likely claim it was planned this way all along, that putting out such a vague proposal caused the Conservatives to overplay their hand, and allowed the Prime Minister to indulge in some energetic (if hypocritical) affluence-bashing.
– John Ivison, National Post, Sept. 21.

But then Scheer overplayed his hand by bringing Bombardier and the government’s investment in the C Series jet into the debate.
– L. Ian Macdonald, iPolitics, Sept. 19.

But part of making that case will be showing that when he has been dealt a very good hand, [Patrick Brown] has the maturity not to overplay it.
– Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail, Sep 15.

Just the way Hudak and MacLeod did, Brown’s taken a killer hand and overplayed it.
– David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen, Sept. 14.

Thanks to the surprising actions of Abbotsford South MLA Dr. Darryl Plecas taking the role of Speaker in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, the B.C. Liberals are roiling at what many of them are portraying as a political betrayal. However, instead of responding deftly to the setback, they are at risk of overplaying their hand.
– Mike Klassen, Huffington Post, Sept. 13.

Amid this tax controversy, the greatest risk to Conservatives might be that they will overplay their hand.
– Aaron Wherry, CBC, Sept. 9.

The Redblacks struggled to get to .500 last season and might do so again. But they’ve also won three consecutive games and, in the weak East Division, might be the best of a sorry lot. They’ve lost some leaders and might have overplayed their hand on Trevor Harris, but could catch lightning in a bottle for a second straight year, especially with TD Place hosting the title game.
– Herb Zurkowsky, Montreal Gazette, Sept. 1.

[Democrats] thought they had it with the whole Nazi thing. …And then their radical base decided it was time to overplay their hand. Instead of simply denouncing Nazis, they’ve decided to go to war with American history. In addition to the Confederacy, they’ve decided that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and even Abraham Lincoln are all proper targets for their rage.
– Robert Laurie, Canada Free Press, Aug. 18.

The problem with Trump’s critics is that they overplay their hands. And in doing that, the New York Times and all those media outlets have become what they claim to hate: fake news.
– Brian Lilley, The Rebel, Aug. 10.

Domestically, they could be overplaying their hand. The Tories clearly believe that, as polls have suggested, a majority of Canadians (including some Liberals) agree with their opposition to the Khadr settlement. If so, there may be more risk than reward in aligning on the issue with U.S. media outlets that can be off-putting to all but hard-core conservatives.
– Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail, July 18.

The plaintiff’s lawyer has a case that they know (or ought to know) is essentially without merit, and should properly be before the Small Claims Court, with a maximum award of $25,000. Instead, they obscenely overplay their hand, resulting in unnecessary court attendances and months of delay.
– Howard Levitt, National Post, July 17.

Finally, after murder and mayhem for three years, Putin has been somewhat chastened. The Minsk agreements were doomed from the beginning. But even if resurrected, newly-crowned President Emmanuel Macron of France will be involved and is one of the few heads of state to criticize Putin to his face over cyberattacks and Ukraine. Clearly, Putin has overplayed his hand.
– Diane Francis, Atlantic Council, July 10.

MVP: Adam Radwanski, Globe (2)

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4 comments on ““Overplay his/their hand”
  1. daveS says:

    Diane Francis working for the Atlantic Council!! Oy!
    What does she know about not much? Her bio is a lot of bumpf on the A.C pages.
    Talk about overplaying their hand.

  2. OJM says:

    Know what’s really overplaying yer hand? Some half-educated journo trying to pass off their impressions and guesswork as serious analysis.

  3. daveS says:

    Mike Klassen, west coast oenophile and right-wing writer; The Canada Free Press!!
    What kind of “alternating press” is Frank Mag minions being subjected to?

  4. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    No doubt it’s a metaphor for excessive masturbation.

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