Zut Alors! Frenchman Takes the Rossie

A Cinderella immigrant success story, as the Conference of Defence Associations Institute (Franks passim) gong French-language blogger Nicolas Laffont (45eNord.ca) with the prestigious 2017 Ross Munro Media Award, the war machine lobbyists’ annual honour for conspicuous credulity and patriotism in covering Canadian defence issues.


Laffont, a French citizen, is the first foreign national to scoop up a Rossie (and its accompanying $2,000 cash gratuity), which has previously gone to such egregious homegrown homers as Fat Matt Fisher, Crusty Blatchford and Rosie “Mano” Di Manno, for arms industry cheerleading above the call of mere journalism.

My organ, it must be said, spotted Laffont as an arslikhan talent to be reckoned with as early as 2015, and eminently worthy of a Rossie.

But, much like Nic’s Canadian work visa, initially withheld by government thingies for reasons which escape me, recognition was unconscionably delayed.

The 2015 Rossie instead went to  Christina MacLean, cerebral publisher of the birdcage liners FrontLine Defence and FrontLine Safety & Security and career DND fluffer. Laffont was passed over yet again in 2016, in favour of CTV blowdry Rich Maddan.

Nevertheless, he persisted. Frank most recently spotted Laffont hard at wank last February as he embarked, without fear or favour, on a Boeing-sponsored junket of their CF-18 production and training facilities. The outing was reported by the CBC’s Murray Brewster as “rare, extraordinary access,” — more snortingly described by Boeing media wrangler Scott Day, who’d been flogging tickets to any media that would acknowledge his email, as “the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show.”

Postmedia, CP and other boring old legacy media had inexplicably passed on Boeing’s stateside toot to see Canada’s former next interim replacement fighter in action.

Brewster, himself a Rossie winner, and aspiring shineboy Laffont were instead joined on the “exclusive” media tour by a Who’s Whodat of defence press planespotters and braunnosers, including Joetay Attariwala (Canadian Defence Review), Nestor Arellano (Vanguard), Dean Black (Airforce Magazine), and Ken Pole (FrontLine Defence, Polesmoking Quarterly). All accomplished and reliable stenographers, but it must be said, none of them Rossie winners.

Frank Fact: The versatile Laffont has also previously served on the selection committee for…the Ross Munro Media Award! Vive la déférence!

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  1. mmedesevigne says:

    I always find it vaguely disquieting that the butt-kisser above has six fingers. Still, I’ll be dead six months before I get that hideous image out of my head.

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