Caroline Mulroney Scrapes By

$300,000: Amount of schmiergeld Byron Muldoon received from Karl-Heinz Schreiber, 1993-94.
–Source: Robin Sears
$33,000: Portion of the schmiergeld that Muldoon used to pay daughter Caroline’s tuition at Harvard University.
–Source: Sun Media, May 2009.
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8 comments on “Caroline Mulroney Scrapes By
  1. nosnibor says:

    Let us hope that we will not see another Mulroney in a position of power.

  2. Auldhame Farm says:

    How is it that Brian Brown Bags is still around? The guy’s a crook, and his daughter is not someone I’d vote for.
    Watch for it though…She’ll be a Senator someday.

  3. Roland Beaulieu says:

    How is it that any Muldoon rates anything other than bad press? Sad!

  4. daveS says:

    As Alex Usher said:
    ‘How can so many party insiders want to give money to someone so raw inexperienced and hence easily manipulable and…oh’
    “Caroline Mulroney raises nearly
    half a million dollars in nine
    days” National Observer.”

  5. daveS says:

    Patrick Brown’s book alleges Brian Mulroney bargained over daughter’s political future
    Shawn Jeffords and Paola Loriggio, The Canadian Press
    Published Wednesday, November 14, 2018 8:16PM EST
    …”Brown, who is now the mayor of Brampton, Ont., alleges that Brian Mulroney promised him a place at the “centre” of his daughter’s government if the ousted Tory leader pledged his support to help her become party leader, and eventually premier.
    The alleged negotiations took place during a late-night meeting in a downtown Toronto hotel’s presidential suite where the then-resigned Brown met with Brian Mulroney and his daughter Caroline’s husband Andrew Lapham.
    The group met to discuss Brown potentially swinging his political support and organizational power to Caroline Mulroney, who at the time was a Tory leadership candidate but did not attend the meeting.
    “…you’ll be at the centre of her government,” Brown alleges the former prime minister promised him, calling it a “handshake deal.””

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