This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Holy cats! Boxes of felines turned over to Humane Society – May 26.

Man sexually assaults dog owner after grabbing canine’s genitals: police – May 23.

Sparrows’ nest delays bridge work – May 22.

Experts: Dead whale that washed up in NY likely hit by boat – May 19.

Claws out over push for Cornwall cat bylaw – May 17.

OPP reins in owner, 70, after horses run wild – May 17.

3D-printed ‘sex dolls’ help biologist study turtle habitsMay 17.

SLAYED BY SAUSAGE DOGS: Dachshunds maul woman to death – May 16.

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One comment on “This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder
  1. OJM says:

    Man-eating Nazi Dachshunds…added to the my list of things to worry about.

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