A Message from The Conservative Party of Canada

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4 comments on “A Message from The Conservative Party of Canada
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    Close enough to this swill…
    Gwyn Morgan…another member of the conservative welfare dole.

  2. OJM says:

    The only reason that carnival of grotesques, the Conservative Party of Canada, has hope in hell for 2019 is the Trudeau government’s failure to (seriously) pursue electoral reform…still waiting for an explanation on that one.

    • Patrick60 says:

      We are in a new era, one in which you throw fish to your supporters after the election (qv Doug Ford) instead of embracing a status quo position. By letting his supporters down, Mr. Trudeau fils sets the stage for a nutbar conservative victory. Their supporters will come out. The ones who voted Liberal last time may stay home for want of a candidate that meets their political and emotional needs.

      • OJM says:

        Could very well be what happens in 2019…but had the Liberals pushed through something as simple as a ranked-ballot voting process at the riding level the CPC, as presently constituted, would not be seriously contenders for power in the next federal election.

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