This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Bear tranquilized after taking dip in Los Angeles pool — July 17.

Cull costing $400,000 has not solved bunny burden in Alberta mountain town — July 17.

Endangered white lion on display at Texas sanctuary — July 16.

Firefighters rescue raccoon that got head stuck in mayo jar — July 16.

Teens accused of pepper-spraying kitten for video — July 13.

Miracle cat Delilah found ‘near death’ months after owners moved — July 13.

Men who blew pot smoke at goat charged with cruelty — July 12.

Bruce the Moose thinks he’s a horse of course — July 11.

Idaho teacher denies feeding sick puppy to snapping turtle — July 10.

At some colleges, no need to be separated from beloved pet — July 10.

Drunk Tennessee man charged with burying kitten alive — July 7.

Samka, one of only walruses to give birth in captivity in Canada, dies in Quebec — June 30.

Firefighters to the rescue after ducklings fall through sewer grate — June 22.

Forest ranger tries to take selfie with python, gets choked for his troubles — June 17.

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