Baublehead shocker!

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7 comments on “Baublehead shocker!
  1. daveS says:

    But he is not tongue-tied!

    That seems to be his one skill, despite the army service, the colleges, temporary public teaching etc. his one skill seems to be that of a rhetorician, which they don’t “teach” in school, unlike say, The Ohio University and their Department of Public Speech.

    Oh, the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf the private, previously Jesuit French-language educational institution has a lot answer for.

  2. Sarwood says:

    Funny, it’s usually his ahhh… tongue that is tied.

  3. OJM says:

    “See what I’m dealing with here…Premier Porkchop says he wants 400 mill ‘to deal with dose illegals yer lettin’ in’.”

  4. frosty-the-techie says:

    To Dave S: His brother, Alexandre Emmanuel “Sacha” Trudeau did join the Canadian Forces as a Reserve Entry Scheme Officer with Royal Canadian Hussars reserve regiment in 1996. Baublehead Trudeau never served a day in its life otherwise he would have understood the difference between civics and politics, more words than deeds.

  5. frosty-the-techie says:

    Correction to the moderator: Alexandre Emmanuel “Sacha” Trudeau, not Michel

  6. Alan Smithee says:

    Ha! Frank. I have missed you. I hope you had a good holiday. Time to get to work as ‘they’ say; there are a million (and one) stories in the naked city. We should prank Ezra again. He’s due.

  7. katana says:

    The look on Doug’s face says “The voters were stupid enough to – er, wait, that’s how I did it…”

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