If The Mountain Won’t Come to Muhammed Was It Somethin’ We Said?

Good Lord it took us long enough to pick a fight with Saudi Arabia.

We’ve already knocked over just about the whole Middle East, and it was beginnin’ to look like we’d catch a bye to the finals and take on Israel for all the bagels rather than go to the flyin’ carpet with the Prophet’s most fanatical floorwalkers.

Right now it’s mostly talk, an’ only some of that in English. What are they sayin’ about us in Arabic, I wonder? Nobody knows!

I did read they’re big fans of Jordan Peterson, who I gather is rotting in Trudeau’s gulag even now as I make stuff up.

Heard of Peterson? He’s one of them know-it-all types, except in his case he really does, at least if how I agree with everythin’ he says is anything to go by.

I don’t know what he thinks about women drivin’ cars, but I can make an educated guess. Otherwise what’s a Grade 10 for?

And all the Saudi students have been told to face Mecca and start walkin’, which means about 20,000 less reasons for us to remember “if ya see somethin’, say somethin’.”

I’m sure they’re not all terrorists, like how not all the Kennedys were president, but ya can’t take away their points for effort

Of course the Saudis are still our allies in the War on Terror, so I should probably check out which side we’re on in that kerfuffle.

But if it ever comes to a shootin’ war I like our chances, since we sold ’em the bibs ‘n bobs they’ll be shootin’ at us.

All we gotta do is let the Saudis run out of bullets, then when they come shoppin’ for more say “No way, sahib!”

Or I suppose if Scheer gets in we can jack up the price. Freedom isn’t free!



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One comment on “If The Mountain Won’t Come to Muhammed Was It Somethin’ We Said?
  1. OJM says:

    This spake the Sheik of Napanee. I can see the Saudis pose a real problem for our Dick…on one hand, the misogyny, floggings and beheadings, ruthless repression of dissent are all right up his wadi…on the other, the Saudis dress like nuns, they’re plainly not WASPs and it’s hard to imagine they’d enjoy themselves at a Legion Buck-a-Beer night.

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