The Corpse: CBC producer flees #Metoo mess

What the hell was Nick Gamache thinking?

There he was, set for life as senior producer of The House, CBC Radio’s weekly slumber party and one of the cushiest gigs in the entire Corpse. (The House broadcasts a grand total of one hour per week, thus leaving plenty of time for snoozing through Question Period and shooting a little pocket pool.)

On top his sinecure at The House, Nick had the good fortune to be married to Rosie Barton, CBC’s rising star, now the odds-on favourite to take over sole custody of The National when the Thing With Four Heads experiment implodes.

For Nick, everything was coming up Rosies (yer fired!—ed.), but then for some reason, he flipped out and shot himself in the balls (foot, shurely?!—ed.)

First came his bust-up with Rosie, amid allegations of extra-curricular legovers, followed by tearful recriminations and a failed détente. To make their divorce even more excruciating, they stayed living under the same roof, in a War of the Roses scenario.

Then it was revealed that Nick was being investigated by the CBC’s #MeToo police regarding his relationships with two female colleagues who worked, er, under him.

We understand further details won’t be forthcoming since Nick, upon further consultation with CBC management, resigned last weekend, thus avoiding the full HR inquisition/castration.


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7 comments on “The Corpse: CBC producer flees #Metoo mess
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    And all thanks to the CBC retracting to the Lego building on Wellington St. Narrow
    halls – they have to rub bums or bellies to pass in the corridors, and everyone is
    drinking the same sugary fruit beverage. A recipe for trouble. It was better working
    with the rats and cockroaches on Jarvis St. (No metaphor intended.)

  2. Bunyak says:

    Thanks for the picture. I’ll look for him whenever I take an Uber.

  3. Nete Peedham says:

    The Meritocracy…a self-perpetuating disease.

  4. Sarwood says:

    Wait..what? ROSIE will be last mannikin standing? She doesn’t tick nearly as many boxes as Ian and Andrew. The CBC has progressive standards, dammit!

  5. Roland Beaulieu says:

    Former Prime Minister Mulroney described CBC as a cesspool of cronyism, nepotism, and leg – overs, where everybody is married to a manager. One big socialist love- in. It would appear nothing has changed. If an employment tenant was no two family members, CBC would probably shrink to half it’s current payroll. And that could be a good thing.

  6. Papadoc says:

    What horndogs will sadly risk in search of 30 seconds of friction. Perpetually using the wrong heads.

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