“master class”

It looks like listeners picking up I Loved You At Your Darkest can expect another Satanic black metal master class. – Max Morin, Exclaim!, Oct. 4.

Torill Kove’s Threads, in contrast, is a master class in pared-down simplicity. – Emily Donaldson, Quill & Quire, Sept. 10.

Enter [Rudy] Giuliani, a former prosecutor, mayor of New York and longtime Trump bootlicker, who joined the besieged team in April and has since stormed TV airwaves to give one extended master class in how to harm a client. – Vinay Menon, Toronto Star, Aug. 20.

[Spirit in the Dark], a gospel number written by [Aretha] Franklin (with backing by Atlantic Records house band The Dixie Flyers) is a master class in tempo management, a church-rocking call to dance and the No. 1 cause of second thoughts of unsure atheists. – Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail, Aug. 16.

David Eby put on a master class of spin on Thursday while announcing the government’s new “rate structure” for ICBC premiums. – Mike Smyth, The Province, Aug. 10.

[The Ritual] keeps you guessing for most of its running time, but the big reveal at the end is a masterclass in creature design. – Noel Ransome, Vice, Aug. 10.

If you ever needed a lesson in print mixing, [Yara Shahidi] could provide a master class with her wardrobe. – Delaney George and Diana Nguyen, E! Online, July 27.

Hilariously misinformative, Shawn O’Hara delivers a master class of fake facts. – Michelle Palansky, CBC, July 23.

It is telling that the Liquor Control Board of Ontario which offers a master-class retail experience for alcohol will, reportedly, be providing a very different (that is, inferior) experience in its cannabis subsidiary. – Tony Coulson, Globe and Mail, July 15.

The story of the crazy lawyer and his scrapped $250,000 whip went viral on social media, and [Howard] Levitt turned it into a master class in branding, obligingly submitting to media interviews to explain why he’d been in such a rush. – Katie Lamb and Joana Pachner, Globe and Mail, June 29.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr: This book blew me away. It’s a master class in page-turning narrative; nuanced, unique, three-dimensional characters; gorgeous sentences that made me weep; exquisite sensory details. I savoured every breath-taking page. – Lisa Genova, Globe and Mail, June 21.

Let’s get this out of the way: Tommy Orange’s debut novel, There There, should probably be on reading lists for every creative writing program in this country. It is a master class in style, form and narrative voice. – Alicia Elliott, Globe and Mail, June 5.

We can always count on Tracee Ellis Ross to put on a good face—then teach us how it’s done. The Black-ish star is constantly sharing her beauty secrets, from how to keep her skin fresh on an airplane to the surprising bold makeup product she wears at the gym. This week, her Instagram posts compiled into one beauty master class, covering everything from wellness to anti-aging techniques to oil control to the perfect summer lip color. – Diana Nguyen, E! Online, May 25.

Nikki Bella may just be holding a master class on how to handle a public breakup. – Sarah Grossbart, E! Online, May 17.

I can only assume Rudy Giuliani is secretly working for Robert Mueller. There is zero evidence to the contrary. If Giuliani is performing the job he claims to now hold — as Donald Trump’s new attorney — he is giving a master class in how to sabotage a case and screw over a client on national television.Vinay Menon, Toronto Star, May 7.

It was like a political master-class in Liberal-bashing on the Hill Monday. – John Ivison, National Post, May 7.

WINNER: Globe and Mail (5)

RUNNER-UP: E! Online (3)

MVPs: Vinay Menon (2); Diana Nguyen (2)


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  1. daveS says:

    Quill (seven) Quire?
    Vancouver Province?

    What dose?? You are casting your cliche net very wide.

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “A master-class retail experience for alcohol” – for alcoholics who want to improve their game.

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