Dudas Big Mac Attack!

With newsdiva-cum-councillor Carol Anne Meehan walking back social media threats to critical constituents, what a welcome contrast is our other local media survivor on Ottawa city council, onetime Ottawa Sun hack Laura Dudas.

The versatile Dudas (née Czekaj) hopped from the trash tab to city hall comms and rampant acts of community volunteerism. She succeeds (and can only benefit from comparison with) another erratic televisual personality, Jody Mitic, as councillor for Innes ward.

The Ottawa Petfinder‘s Tom Spears was more than collegial in a profile of Dudas, fair-mindedly headlined: “‘Woman of Action’: Laura Dudas sees so much to do in so little time.”

“I’m a woman of action,” Coun. Dudas revealed to the moribund daily. “I want to make sure that we are getting the things we need for Innes Ward, but also for the east end and the city. And I’m tireless only because I’m so motivated.”

Persevering readers further learned that Dudas enjoys weight-lifting and corn on the cob. She and her delightful spouse Mike Dudas have three children, one from his previous marriage.

Not meriting mention: Mike, a tall drink of a Mountie and classic car enthusiast, last made the papers via the RCMP disciplinary process, after an off-duty punch-up at a McDonald’s.

In Sept. 2005, according to the report of the adjudication board, Const. Dudas pulled his truck into the McDick’s drive-thru, where he spotted three yout’ placing orders ahead of him on foot. He instigated a verbal confrontation and followed up with “a sudden and violent attack,” in which he left a young woman lying on the ground, “bleeding profusely,” with four fractured teeth. Then he got back in his truck and fucked off.

Dudas pleaded guilty to common assault, drawing a suspended sentence and a year’s probation. Even rougher justice awaited him at the RCMP spanking squad, which found “death could easily have resulted from the severity of the blow,” and that he had scarpered instead of providing assistance to his victim. The draconian penalty? Docked 10 days’ pay.

The report noted Cont. Dudas, aside from this isolated incident of McNugget rage, was “a valuable resource” with “a promising career.”

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3 comments on “Dudas Big Mac Attack!
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    What a strange little goatee – a cross between Satan and Uncle Sam.

  2. Stbarnabas says:

    Cops in the Court system same old story. Nobody else would have gotten off with common assault and a kiss from the Judge.

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Especially a huge hulker who beats up young women. Who does he think he is- Jian Gohmeshi?

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