Team Trudeau’s Twitter recruit


With Chrystia Freeland safely in harness, Justin Trudeau’s brain trust has turned to another female media celebrity for the next federal election. (Readers will recall how the Trudeauites parachuted Freeland into Toronto Centre, then claimed democracy had been served.)

Rumour has it the latest marquee attraction is none other than Kirstine Stewart, former executive VP of CBC-TV.

The Liberals love Kirstine, and why not? She has brains, beauty and business smarts. Best of all, she looks 17 years old, plus she’s the boss of Twitter Canada, so here comes the social media yout’ vote!

Kirstine stunned CBC colleagues last May when she abandoned the Corpse in favour of Twitter. Gossips claimed she was turfed by Corpse supremo Hubie Lacroix, because she had allegedly been promoting the career of her actor/husband, Zaib Shaikh, he of Little Mosque on the Prairie, and, er….

Or so the story goes.

In fact, Hubie was satisfied that Kirstine behaved ethically. The problem was over her political ambitions.

Longtime Kirstine watchers report that over the past couple of years, she has been suffering from delusions of grandeur, an affliction not uncommon among CBCers (see Peter Mansbingo, Franks passim).

To test the political waters, Kirstine and hubby hosted a fund-raiser for Justine Trudeau


Kirstine and Whatsit

As her ego expanded, she obsessed over Canadian politics and the idea of running for office. She honed her political skills at CBC, spinning nose stretchers to fit the moment and imagining herself in Justin’s cabinet.

To test the political waters, Kirstine and Zaib hosted a fund-raiser for Trudeau at their Toronto home. Word got back to Hubie, and he threw a shitfit: What the hell were you thinking? Conflict of interest. Terrible optics. What if Sun Media gets wind of this?

Stewart considered her options. She’d had previous tensions with Hubie over programming and she wasn’t keen for the upcoming negotiations with the NHL. The Twitter gig paid less than the $350K she made at CBC, but stock options from Twitter’s IPO have netted her a cool $1.5M. And with Twitter in her resume, she’s in the forefront of new media.

So Kirstine said to hell with it and bailed .

Watch for her, coming soon to a riding near you.


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