UPDATED!!! At last! The Brazman finds a job!

In show business, as in politics, it’s not who you know, but who you blow.

Take Patrick Brazeau. Homeless, jobless and nearly bankrupt–the plucky senator-in-limbo has made a courageous comeback and stands today on the cusp of a new career (that’s enough alliteration!–ed.)  in the entertainment industry.

As first reported in Frank, the Brazman has at last found happiness in a gig that fits his toolbox: He’s the new greeter at the BareFax strip club in Ottawa’s ByWard Market.

Fortunately for Brazeau, he had friends in low places. His old buddy Marc Lamontagne manages BareFax and he recruited the Brazman.

Lamontagne and Brazeau go way back, to 2012, when Brazeau was suffering through another round of financial woes. But the hustler that he is, he picked up a little pin money by baking tourtiere and selling them to Lamontagne’s Forum Sports Bar in Gatineau. Coincidentally, the Brazman also met his current girlfriend, Vanessa Brisson, slinging suds at the Forum.

The job specs at BareFax are pretty straightforward and Patrick is a quick study: Meet, greet and backslap the clerks from CRA dropping by for a nooner, press the flesh, sign a few autographs, ogle the strippers. Rinse. Repeat.

But questions linger:

-Does the Brazman have his Smart-serve card?

-Could he kick out Justin Trudeau?

-Couldn’t they get Mac Harb?

-Can he beat the sex assault rap?

-Will Mike Duffy get a job working the window at Dairy Queen?

(that’s enough padding!–ed.)


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10 comments on “UPDATED!!! At last! The Brazman finds a job!
  1. Bragi says:

    This the best Frank day since The Refounding. Congrats!

  2. Snake says:

    Like I said before..the Brazman is only a few steps away from servicing “Clients” from $10 a pop on MacKenzie King..

  3. Patrick60 says:

    If he ever tries to throw Trudeau out I want video of him getting his clock cleaned.

  4. phargrav says:

    If they’ve got any sense they won’t give him the keys to the register.

  5. Papadoc says:

    Hey what luck. Braz can invite his Senate pal Colonel Klink Kenny to move his tawdry sexual act off the Hill and just down the street for profit. Talk about a win-win situation.

  6. Mommabear says:

    Priceless…and so Canadian to be going for the low end job,instead of opening up a lobbying firm.

  7. bubbagreat says:

    He would probably make more than his Senator salary if he got up on stage! Bit of a Chippendale, dontcha think?

  8. Buckwheat says:

    Any break on the cover charge for Frank readers?

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