Brian Lilley Death Watch

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and Lilleys, for instance.
– John Ruskin


Will this be the cock-up that, at long last, brings an end to the career of Sun Media lose bag Brian Lilley

Probably not.

Amazingly, the howler in question, Lilley’s rant about the pronunciation of francophone names, is far from the dumbest thing he’s done.OS_lilley__Brian_1

That honour goes to Lilley’s crypto-racist harangue against Muslims in March 2012. In his op-ed, “How to Beat Your Wife,” Lilley and fellow mouth-breather David Menzies fulminated over an obscure pamphlet written by an obscure Muslim describing the “Etiquettes of Marriage: How to Beat Your Wife Gently.”

Menzies: “I used to say ‘Say it with flowers.’ I guess say it with fists is the new buzz word.”

Lilley: “Muslim women are seen as investments, hit them gently, don’t want them marked up.”

Menzies: “Violence in moderation.”

Lilley: “You’re hitting the nail on the head”

Last month, Lilley cracked wise about the media’s coverage of Naima Rharouity, who died of strangulation after her scarf caught in a Montreal Metro escalator.

According to Lilley, it was all because Rharouity, a Muslim, was wearing a hijab. No matter that Montreal police and several eyewitnesses denied her hijab had been caught.

This week, however, Brian finally caught the attention of his Quebecor bosses by crapping on the CBC for going “all native” with those “ridiculous,” (but accurate) pronunciations of names of Quebec athletes like Hamelin, Bilodeau and Dufour-Lapointe.

If Corpse hacks weren’t such a bunch of politically correct, latte-sipping hipsters, said Lilley, they would mangle the francophone names in the tradition of Don Cherry and Foster Hewitt (“Here come the Canadians, Gene Belivou, with Henry Ritchard!”)

To buttress his case, Lilley wheeled out Dr. Harvey Sims of Halifax. How Harvey’s Ph.D in Eng. Lit. (Beowulf) qualifies him to comment on linguistic matters is a mystery. Doubtless, his presence had more to do with the fact he’s married to whacko Sun TV correspondent, Kris Sims.

“It was irritating because this is not how people speak,” Dr. Sims said. “We have a phenology [sic] in English, the way we pronounce words, and this is not how they talk.”harley-sims

“It’s just so we smelly bumpkins remember our place.”

Meanwhile, Kris chirped in on Twitter:

“CBC goes nuts, over-pronouncing French names of Olympic athletes.  It’s just so we smelly bumpkins remember our place. It’s Anglophones speaking to mostly other Anglos while over emphasizing the French pronunciation of names. ‘See, me cultured.’”

This was all too much, even for Pierre Peladeau’s brown shirts.

They ordered Sims to delete her tweets, expunged Lilley’s op-ed from the Sun TV website and forced Brian to cough up a groveling apology: “I should have known better…I’m sorry…it will never happen again…I’m sorry…I apologize.”

The death watch continues.

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4 comments on “Brian Lilley Death Watch
  1. B H Kahila says:

    Smelly bumpkins! Izzat the Ford Nation?

  2. OJM says:

    The thing about ol’ Foster Hewitt was that he could handle names like “Yakushev” and “Kharmalov” just fine. But give him something mildly Gallic to deal with and suddenly he was all “Ivan Cornwire” and “Jack Plant”.

  3. ChosenBarley says:

    I don’t see Francophones knocking themselves out trying to say English names (and words generally) the way Anglophones do. They don’t lose sleep over accidentally insulting non-Frenchies. Hey, there’s a solution: a country for Anglos and a country for Frenchies. Frank, you are too PC.

  4. bluesman says:

    He’s a real piece of work as is Ezra Levant… These guys are so right wing… they work for a separatist like Péladeau… It’s freakin LAUGHABLE

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