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Well, they won’t have Neil Macdonald to kick around anymore—he’s leaving his gig as CBC TV News correspondent in Washington.

The favorite whipping boy of right-wing whack jobs is off to Montreal, where his wife, Joyce Napier, is a journo for Radio-Canada. Macdonald will write a column for the Corpse website, and make occasional TV appearances.

This is happy news for conservative bloggers and the National Post. They loved to hate Macdonald for his alleged “bias” against Israel.

“His caustic style and overt fondness for the Palestinian narrative triggered complaints of anti-Israel bias. So many viewers were relieved when he was removed from the Middle East and installed as CBC’s Washington correspondent.
“Alas, Macdonald’s new posting has become just another platform from which to indulge his apparent preoccupation with the Jewish state. He continues his gratuitous attacks, marring the credibility of the taxpayer-funded broadcaster’s news operations.”
–Dov Smith, NP.

Now he’s a punching bag for Corpse colleagues, who are dismayed to hear that Macdonald won’t be making any financial sacrifices for the cash-strapped CBC. Although he’ll be based in the backwater Montreal bureau, he will continue to pocket the $200,000-a-year salary he collected in D. C.

Stay tuned for Wendy Mesley to take a retirement gig in Victoria.

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3 comments on “Remedial Media
  1. Steve-O says:

    Note to CBC: Please keep on telling the truth about Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians, even if it upsets the National Post and its clientele. In fact, the more you upset the NP and its readers, the better.

  2. ChosenBarley says:

    Speaking of the CBC – how much do they pay Peaty Mansbridge? Should he be able to put a sentence together that doesn’t sound like Valley Girl lingo? Today on the noon hour news he was talking from Sochi and said, “I was like going…”

  3. Patrick60 says:

    I hope his replacement in DC has his testiclular fortitude with respect to actions for which Israel has been internationally criticized.

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