Secret Office Memos: Ottawa Police Service

More misery at the Ottawa cop shop.

Readers will recall recent Frank reports about officers distressed that their chief, Charles Bordeleau was more concerned with polishing his own image and making empty PR gestures than real police work.

One of the chief’s senior officers emailed colleagues that Bordeleau is obsessed with “meaningless cake cuttings and flag raisings” than real police work.

Bordeleau, formerly known as Chuck, now Charrrrlles, as in de Gaulle, is fond of sending Hallmark emails to his troops, urging them to attend various politically correct ceremonies. “Cake will be served.”

Things got to the point that one officer wrote: “We are embarrassed to say we are members of the Ottawa Police, which is why [many of us] did not attend the 25-year awards ceremony [in November].”

That quieted the troops for a while, but last week, more pissing and moaning could be heard, this time from Michael Houston, a civilian who retired after 30 years with the force’s ident. section as a photographer (CSI shit to you civilians!—ed.)

An excerpt of Houston’s 1000-word kiss-off:

“I find myself asking the question “what was it all for?” Unlike others who say goodbye and talk about how great their career was, I find myself in an unexpected sad state. And, unlike others, I will not miss most of the people, but I will miss my job.

“Daily messages cross my eyeballs talking about career development, and how the organization cares about us personally and professionally. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have spent most of my career in stagnation, frustration, and conflict. I have been abused both verbally and in writing. I have been undervalued, underpaid, and overworked.

“It seems that by design a police service is dysfunctional. With every change of management at every level there is sometimes a two year transition period that takes its toll on operations and personnel.

“I did not come here with an attitude. I came here from the military with seven years of experience and a specialized career. I am the way you know me as a result of the trauma, horrible management, and poisoned environment I have had to endure. The sad part is that everyone has a sad story to tell of abuse by management or process.

“I wonder why problems of a serious nature are never solved. Hopefully, my departure will lead to changes for my ex-staff and others.

“Be safe, live life.

Michael Houston”

Houston might like to know that since the satirical press reported on the unrest among officers over Bordeleau’s ceremonial wanks, the head cake boy has issued a cease and desist order.

Cake is off the agenda, and so are the meetings.

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One comment on “Secret Office Memos: Ottawa Police Service
  1. bubbagreat says:

    If it’s any consolation to fellows like Houston, Bordello is pretty transparent. Brave and commendable departing words from Houston. Bravo and enjoy your retirement!

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