Twitter Feud

It seems that all the upheaval at the Globe and Minion is making hacks stressed and cranky.

Take Sean Fine, for instance. The longtime Minion editorial typist must have been off his meds when he took to Twitter last week to rip a new one for Dr. Daniel Flanders, a Toronto pediatrician.

The occasion was Flanders’ appearance on CBC’s Metro Morning, where he suggested that keeping schoolchildren inside during recess is “a terrible idea,” even in double-digit minus temperatures.

Outraged, Fine wrote:

@metromorning ‪@drflanders Doctor on CBC tells schools -30 no problem for kids at recess, let em out; never heard the poor lack warm clothes.

Flanders replied:

‪@SeanFineGlobe ‪@metromorning I’m afraid u missed my point. Poverty is a tragedy but that doesn’t mean kids should avoid playing in the cold

‪@drflanders ‪@metromorning ‘Fraid you missed my point: poor kids lack warm clothes, boots, hats, mittens. Cruel and negligent  to send em out

‪@SeanFineGlobe ‪@metromorning I wouldn’t recommend sending kids out 2freeze w/out appropriate clothes. Was that really ur interpretation?

@drflanders ‪@metromorning Good idea, keep the poor inside, let the rich play.

‪@SeanFineGlobe ‪@metromorning nope. Support the poor with social programs that enable their human rights to play and move.

‪@drflanders ‪@metromorning The right to forced play in -30. What a splendid right. No gulag should be without it.

‪@SeanFineGlobe ‪@metromorning Thanks for the chat. Have a great day.

Curiously, Fine later purged the exchange from his Twitter account, and everyone went back to sleep.


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One comment on “Twitter Feud
  1. PrairieWind says:

    Cute – but – needless to say these current Canadian ‘journalists’ – seem to have missed the ‘free-fall’ collapse speed through undamaged steel structure thing.
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