Once a Little ShitTM

Reports come Frank’s way that Derek Vanstone has been bullying his flunkies at Air Canada.

Readers will recall that the former Steve Harper deputy chief of staff, and an original Mike Harris Little ShitTM, exited the PMO in 2012 for a lucrative gig as an Air Canada VP.

At the time, there were charges the Tories were circumventing their own five-year cooling off regulations–plus complaints of conflict-of-interest, since Vanstone would be working for an employer that was hot for federal regulatory changes.

In the event, ethics commish Mary Dawson looked the other way and everyone went back to sleep.

Now Vanstone has been accused of intimidating his AC underlings regarding an AC flight from Toronto to Cancun last week.

When it turned out that AC1812 was sold out and he wasn’t going to be able to make the trip with his boyfriend, Doug Mercer, Vanstone demanded he get the jump seat.

The captain refused, noting it was against both company policy and FAA regulations for non-operating crew to have access to the jump seat on any flight operating in U. S. airspace.

Pissed, Vanstone barked down the line to Air Canada’s operations centre and demanded that he be allowed on the flight deck. Operations contacted airport staff and the captain was ordered to give Vanstone the seat.

AC employees subsequently filed a complaint about the “serious security and safety breach” to the U.S. FAA, adding that “given the influence this executive has, we are fearful for our jobs and want to remain anonymous.”


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2 comments on “Once a Little ShitTM
  1. bubbagreat says:

    I guess his “wife” or “husband” as the case may be, sat on his lap. Applaud the employees!

  2. turkish says:

    Speaking of Little Shits, we haven’t heard from the Library and Archives Canada lately. Readers will recall the sudden abdication from the LAC throne by Daniel “Ed Cid” Caron (Dónde está Daniel?) due to ill-advised Spanish language training. Amongst over things…many other things.
    Anyway after Caron got the heave-ho by former Heritage Minister James Moore, there was a huge sigh of relief from the long suffering LAC staff. At least the few poor sods who remained after much personnel slashing and burning.
    But recent rumours contemplate the horrific possibility of a new fate: the return to LAC of Caron’s former chief fartcatcher and henchman, Jean-Stephen “Baby Doc” Piche, currently hunkered down somewhere in the Heritage Ministry bunker. The much-loathed and feared Piche honed his sociopathic chops at the side of his former boss and mentor Daniel Caron. Piche escaped the former’s fate by a whisker, scuttling off to safe refuge at Heritage, distancing himself from Caron in the process.
    Word is that Piche is poised to make good his return to LAC after the departure of the current custodial head at LAC whose name escapes me.
    Pity the LAC survivors…

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