Braunnose. Fishin’ made easy


Big Julie (2nd from left), Wormington (2nd from right).

Big Julie (2nd from left), Wormington (2nd from right).

A kid in Italy remembers Canadian soldiers sharing their food with him in the aftermath of the Second World War.

It’s not something Julian Fantino could ever forget.

Decades later, he is not only back in his birth country to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Canada in the Italian campaign, but as Veterans Affairs minister he’s leading a group representing all those who gave him his freedom…..

Politically, though, the minister was taking a beating in the media—some columnists even suggesting he was in Italy running away from controversy and should be fired as minister.

Neither are fair.

I know first hand the 70th anniversary trip has been planned for months. Same goes for the programs to deal with extending mental health funding for veterans.

But the organized campaign aimed at the minister and Harper government is attempting to spin last Sunday’s announcement by Fantino and Defence Minister Rob Nicholson to invest $200 millon [sic] in mental health for veteran’s enhancements into a scandal.

At play is that $200 million of new money, as reported first last Sunday by the Toronto Sun, to be spread out over the life of the program which could be 50 years.

“Conservatives misled the House, they misled the public and misled veterans,” NDP deputy leader Libby Davies said in the House of Commons.

But the Harper government is ensuring major money is committed long term to meet the demand of today’s young veterans.

−Joe Wormington, Sun Media, Nov. 30, 2014.


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One comment on “Braunnose. Fishin’ made easy
  1. Steve-O says:

    Joe Wormington, Fantino’s favourite stenographer at Sun Media, is about as dumb as journalists can get. Note to dumbo Joe – that 70th anniversary anniversary celebration is VE day in May 2015.

    It makes writing easy for him, when people like Fantino and the Ford brothers feed him lines for his columns, because he hasn’t got a brain that he can use.

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