At The Bar: The O’Booze Judiciary

He haunts us still.

It’s been nearly a year since Frank subscriber Saint James Flaherty expired, but the spirit of our dearly departed 37th minister of finance lives on in the sterling quality of judicial appointments in his old GTA fiefdom.

One could easily imagine O’Booze smiling beatifically down from his celestial perch in December when Justice Minister Peter MacKay installed Grant Dow, Jim’s old partner at Flaherty Dow Elliott & McCarthy LLP, to the Superior Court of Justice. About time, too!

Dow’s entirely meritocratic appointment was, of course, subjected to the rigorous scrutiny of the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee for Ontario (Greater Toronto), an august body which includes Catherine Zing, crack legalist at…Flaherty Dow Elliott & McCarthy LLP.

If only dear Jimbo could have lived to see February’s inspiring elevation to the Superior Court of Phillip Sutherland, a fine legal mind and former president of the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL).

“His appointment is proof positive that the principles of merit and legal excellence are, in all respects, upheld in the selection and appointment of diverse judges,” Donna Walwyn, partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP and current CABL prez told the et’nic rag Share.

“The CABL celebrates the appointment of a past president of the organization as another step towards ensuring that federal judicial appointments reflect full diversity of the legal profession and society at large and we look forward to future appointments that further increase experiential diversity at all levels of Canadian courts.”

And so say we all! (Well might Walwyn approve of this much-needed melanin injection for the bench, given that her brother, Frank Walwyn, of WeirFoulds LLP, small world, also sits on the judicial advisory committee.)

The excellent Sutherland’s qualifications for the bench are myriad. Take a little trip, for example, back to 2009 and Christine Elliott’s first kick at the Ontario PC leadership can.

According to Elections Ontario filings, while hubby Jimbo himself coughed up a mere $5,000 for Christine’s war chest, Sutherland dug deep with a public-spirited contribution of $25,000.

Frank congratulations to da judge, and the benedictions of O’Booze be upon him!

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