Remedial Media: Mansbingo’s Warballs

Much ado on The National over Peter Mansbridge’s “exclusive” on the friendly fire fuckup that killed Sgt. Andrew Doiron in Iraq.

“A senior official with access to the most sensitive intelligence on the incident,” speaking on condition of anonymity, was able to reveal to the Corpse’s senior newshound that our boys had done a helluva job, followed their orders perfectly and displayed the utmost professionalism in not returning fire after getting mistakenly plugged by their Kurdish allies.

“I was so proud of them,” quoth Anonymous Senior Official. “They were highly disciplined.”

Was it possible their highly disciplined decision not to shoot back may have been made easier by the fact that they were at the time lying in the dirt with bullet wounds? Peter was too busy taking dictation from Highly Placed Source to ask.

Also unexplored: why in hell did Canadian and Kurdish forces fighting Arab extremists choose of all things, an Arabic phrase as their mutual password?

Normally a password would be, say, a simple two-letter phonetic challenge followed by a like reply — “Tango Oscar,” reply “Kilo Romeo” — rather than “Dirka Dirka,” reply “Jihad Jihad.”

Kurds speak, er, Kurdish, might know a little Arabic. Canadians do not speak Arabic much at all. Who speaks Arabic? ISIS.

And on it went. All in all, what would just another load of official talking points if delivered at a press briefing became, with the application of the anonymous source niqab, an “exclusive.”

Mansbingo’s secret sauce? Step forward, Brigadier-Gen. Michael Rouleau, head of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).

To sum up, then, the mission’s commander feels the mission’s going just tits.

Details at 10, or whenever we feel moved to anonymously feed them to the state broadcaster.

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4 comments on “Remedial Media: Mansbingo’s Warballs
  1. Patrick60 says:

    More like the mission’s going tits up! Truth is the first casualty of war.

  2. Ottawa0001 says:

    Mansbridge has less credibility with each passing year, and oh how the years have passed. How is it that the Tories can continue to portray the CBC as a nest of left-wing liberals, and do everything in their power to starve it of the money needed to an adequate job, and yet have people like Mansbridge and the oh so unskilled Evan Solomon behave as such reliable lapdogs day after day?

  3. Steve-O says:

    Peter Mansbridge – the military’s chief stenographer at the CBC.

  4. daveS says:

    Radio-Canada was wiser, as was Bernard Derome, to retire after 4 decades at Tele-Journal and hand it over to well-educated, multi-lingual Céline Galipeau who actually has been in war zones most of her reporting life.

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