Jesse Brown v. Glen McGregor

‏‪@glen_mcgregor glenMay 12
Tonight’s piece by Neil Macdonald on ‪@CBCTheNational on shaming fortuitous timing after ‪#FHRITP grossness.

jesse@jessebrown May 13.
@CBCTheNational runs hysterical, maudlin attack on “shame” speech right after solemn tribute to free speech defender Alan Borovoy. For shame!

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3 comments on “Jesse Brown v. Glen McGregor
  1. orphancarguy says:

    Stop! Stop! They’re both wrong. (its a given, right?)

  2. goatse says:

    I saw this. Adria Richards is no victim, and neither is Lewinsky.

    But how come Shitty-TV hasn’t explored the glaring double standard of their ‘fearless’ hackette getting Hydro Douche fired, but not dear old Gord?

  3. goatse says:

    Wow, went back and watched the part I missed before turning the channel. Neil Macdonald interviews a former Trent Lott rent boy now known as Brianna Wu. That (wo)man is certified nuts, trying to raise attention for her game by being a professional victim.

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