Another Soudas-Adams Bust-up Yarn, Part VIII

Frank is cautiously devastated to hear that Canada’s former favourite power-couple-in-exile, Eve Adams and Dimitri Soudas, have once again decoupled.

As is well known, Eve went down in flames to Marco Mendicino in the Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal nomination race last month, prompting observers to predict that the loss would put an end to her political career (praise be!), and her on-again-off-again fianceeship thingy with Dimitri.

The Soudas-Adams alliance has always been turbulent. Readers may recall summer of 2013, when Ottawa Police were summoned to Adams’ home in Ottawa’s west end, which she shared with Dmitri.

Apparently, Dimitri feared Eve might get violent, so he called the cops to provide an armed escort while he exited the love nest.

Precisely what prompted the bust-up may never be known, but one scenario, gleefully bruited about Parliament Hill by uncharitable media jackals, claimed that Dimitri arrived home and discovered Eve in the sack with her plastic surgeon.

One thing led to another…. Ottawa flatfeet were called and Dimitri beat a temporary retreat.

They patched things up for a couple of years, but now that Eve’s on the political glide path, Dimitri is casting about for fresh talent.

The evidence?

This week, Eve tweeted:


Note to Eve: When he claimed to be in France last week, Sudafed was actually swanning about Long Island, taking in the Hampton Classic Horse Show–and getting woody on Tinder, the one stop shop for hook ups.


You didn’t hear it from Frank.



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5 comments on “Another Soudas-Adams Bust-up Yarn, Part VIII
  1. Papadoc says:

    Oh well Eve, back to the hot embrace of the loving plastic surgeon for more invasive injections.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    The man has couraage to show his photo with that failed implant rug.

  3. OJM says:

    Eve and Dimitri, sittin’ in a tree, c-u-r-s-i-n-g.

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