Globe and Mail vs. NYTimes

Colbert debut a confusing mess of the lame and the surreal…painful to watch…Right now it’s not clear that [he] knows who he is… He’d better find out fast because there is plenty of competition – shows more assured, more confident and far funnier than the mess Colbert hosted in his debut performance in the big leagues.
–John Doyle, Globe and Mail, Sept. 9, 2015.

The overabundance of the first “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” may be a flaw then, but it’s also the best reason to be excited for the second, and the next hundred. This show may not completely know what it is yet, but it knows exactly who its host is: a smart, curious, playful entertainer who’s delighted to be there.
–James Poniewozik, New York Times, Sept. 9, 2015.

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2 comments on “Globe and Mail vs. NYTimes
  1. daveS says:

    It’s young James Poniewozik’s first day at the NYTimes. Have pity.

    See the for more cogent commentary.
    Tim Goodman ‏@BastardMachine Sep 7
    A thin, funny, super-talented geek starts his first day tomorrow. Oh, sure, Stephen Colbert, yeah. But I meant @poniewozik: first day at NYT

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Dick and I are too old to stay up that late…

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