At The Bar: Another Murray Segal public service

A tip o’ the Frank cap to Murray Segal. The former Ontario Deputy Attorney General waddled off into the sunset back in 2012, leaving behind his meager public servant’s remuneration ($357,331 in salary and bennies) for eat-what-you kill private legal practice.

But after 30 years in harness, public service is a hard habit to break, and as the latest Public Accounts of Ontario reveal, Murray has kept his talented beak wet, topping up that steatopygous pension from a grateful province with $90,024 in legal work for his old sluggos in the Ministry of the AG.

His current law firm, Henein Hutchison LLP (aka Guardians of the Ghomeshi), also cashed in with another $536,329 in legal work for the AG in 2013-14.

In 2012-13, Henein Hutchison and their new Queen’s Park rainmaker dinged taxpayers for $221,504 and $127,651, respectively.

And it’s not just Ontario taxpayers clamouring for Murray’s undoubted expertise. He’s got a nice little earner going with Nova Scotia’s Department of Justice as he reviews the Rehtaeh Parsons prosecution, pocketing $62,267 the year ending March 31, 2015, and $118,870 the year before that.

That gravy train is expected to pull into the station later this year with Murray’s final report.

“I found lots of interesting facts, but I’m not at the end of my journey,” he told press hacks back in February. And a lucrative journey it’s been!

The Segal household got yet another income supplement from the public purse in December when Murray’s lovely and talented spouse, Crown attorney Michal Fairburn, was appointed a Superior Court judge (salary: $308,600).

All in all, it’s a pretty sweet deal for our Murray, and only to be expected from the bril’ negotiator who, as director of the Crown’s criminal law office, signed off on the Faustian Karla Homolka plea bargain (the low, low price of 10 years for Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy, plus a two-year bit for her sister Tammy, in return for blaming it all on dastardly hubby Paul Bernardo.)

Triple dips all ‘round!

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2 comments on “At The Bar: Another Murray Segal public service
  1. Stbarnabas says:

    Contrary to your story, the lovely Mrs.Murray aka Judge had left the AG’s office for one whole year before being tapped for the bench. Wonder if word went out that it would look better that way. Too many Judges from the Crown sidI’m e doesn’t look too good. Good to know that the Ontario taxpayers pay a deputy A.G. more than Federal Superior Court judge. Longer hours maybe.

  2. katana says:

    That pic reminds me…

    Will Frank be returning Poppycock to these webpages before Nov 11?

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