Coren Jackknifes on the road to Damascus

Ho hum, another apostatic makeover for Michael Coren.

The ubiquitous Britfart has been all over the gutter press as of late, loudly repudiating the Catholic Church, the pro life movement, opponents of sex-ed and “homosexualists,” and pretty much every so-con doctrine that has comprised his meal ticket these past 20 years.

Just two years ago, Coren was telling a gay CPC supporter to get “psychiatric help,” and slagging the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association for “promoting homosexuality.”

In July, however, he wrote in the Toronto Sun: “I have evolved on [gay rights] because I can no longer hide behind comfortable banalities, have realized that love triumphs judgment, and know that the conversation between Christians and gays has to transform.”

This week Coren denounced the Tories, proclaiming in the Toronto Star that he couldn’t possibly vote Conservative “because I am a Christian.”

“There are many fundamentals at play from a Christian point of view that are relevant but I’ll name just four. Stewardship of the environment, care for the poor and marginalized, the pursuit of peace, and personal integrity.”

Coren even invoked Saint Jack Layton, lauding the late NDP leader as one of Canada’s “foremost social democrats” and “a man deeply shaped by his faith.”

Oh, dear. Yet another lurching U-turn. Only three years ago Cornhole was pissing on Layton and the CBC for producing the TV movie, Smilin’ Jack: the Jack Layton Story.

“An extremely ordinary municipal politician and man who was ever so briefly the leader of the federal opposition,” he wrote in the Sun.

“Jack was a nice fellow, but my goodness he had his faults, and there have been legions of better people and better politicians.

“This is pathetic stuff, all paid for with the tax dollars of the very Canadians to whom, it seems, Jack was a god. Odd, then, that so few of them actually voted for him.

“But more bewildering is the casting of the absurd but politically acceptable Sook-Yin Lee as [Olivia] Chow.

“‘It will be a challenge for me to embody Olivia in all her beautiful complexity. I hope to serve her well,’” Lee said.

“Yeah right, but there was that massage parlour thing wasn’t there, where most of the media refused to refer to the 1996 police raid on a Chinatown massage parlour where Jack was found naked in the suspected bawdy house. (He was not charged). It doesn’t make him a monster, but can you imagine any conservative politician being treated so generously?

“Lee would probably have been better cast as a masseuse in the alleged bawdy house, in that she is best known for her intriguing role in a low-budget movie called Shortbus. Laughably bad and largely forgotten, this nonsense caused controversy only because Lee performed non-simulated sexual intercourse and [Coren licks his lips] masturbation on the screen.

“Look, Jack was OK and Olivia is OK. Nothing less, nothing more. The Layton funeral was a preposterous demonstration of ersatz grief and communal neurosis, and yet another platform for Stephen Lewis’s invincible arrogance and pomposity. Stephen Harper was blackmailed into allowing it by media pressure, and it’s sad that he submitted.

“Layton was not a beloved Canadian figure, he was a beloved media figure. Now he is to be portrayed in a television hagiography, and his widow by someone who professionally masturbates.”

Takes Onan to know one.

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6 comments on “Coren Jackknifes on the road to Damascus
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Actually, he wrote better as an out-and-out bigot. “The conversation between Christians and Gays?’
    Excuse me?

  2. orphancarguy says:

    Gosh, its been a long time since there was proper maintenance on that old Road to Damascus. No wonder the wheels keep coming off the short buses.

    I keep thinking…Sudden Onset Recovery of Explicit Adult Synapses Syndrome.

  3. reym says:

    Psychiatric help for Cornhole sounds about right. Please!

  4. Patrick60 says:

    A rat leaving the sinking ship, or has one of his nearest and dearest come out as gay, at least to him?

  5. scoooter says:

    Does this mean he’ll stop shilling for the Isreali government?

  6. phargrav says:

    The man I have loved to hate for so long turns (semi)-respectable?! As gay-bashing becomes less popular, does he feel he can’t make a living pandering to this bigoted segment of the population? Or does it mean he’s going to refocus his personality disorder(s) on other unworthies in society.

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