Election Snapshot: I’m Drinkin’ As Fast As I Can!

Cripes, so many candidates have been dropped for sayin’ stupid crap on socialist media I wonder how close Elections Canada is to cancellin’ the whole damn thing and callin’ a do-over.

Most of ’em are Libbies and Dippers, naturally, because Conservatives know better than to talk during a campaign. Or could be they don’t know how to use a computer.

Either way it’s a win-win for Team Harper.

Say anything about the Jews – for instance, maybe five years ago you “liked” a post that gently ribbed klezmer music – and Mulcair can’t kick ya out fast enough.

Nice strategy ya got there, NDP, tryin’ to poach the ultra-orthodox vote. That’s bound to sit well with your Taliban base.

But at least the election’s finally come down to serious matters, like what we should let ladies wear. Niqabs?

I was against ’em before I could spell ’em. Religion shouldn’t be an excuse to let your haircare slide. And I’m not bein’ sexist here, because that goes for the Sikh gents, too.

Ask yourselves, is that God tellin’ you to cover your head, or are you just too lazy to shampoo and blow dry? The answer may surprise you.

And what kind of message are we sending if we let girls cover up when they become citizens? That looks don’t matter?

Maybe not where they came from, but that won’t help ’em get ahead in the real world.

I’m not sayin’ they should get their tits out, but we want to let in only the best and the brightest, and since their degrees are worthless over here that leaves only the best lookin’.

Hey, if they got nothin’ to hide, like an ugly mug, then they got nothin’ to worry about.

Democracy ain’t pretty. But unlike girls, it ain’t gotta be.

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One comment on “Election Snapshot: I’m Drinkin’ As Fast As I Can!
  1. Eustus says:

    “Democracy ain’t pretty. But unlike girls, it ain’t gotta be.”

    Has our boy Dick been advising the Dalai Lama on succession planning?

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