Liberal Little ShitsTM in extremis

Rather than await the dubious second coming of Trudeau, I see some Liberal Little ShitsTM are advance-voting with their feet and seeking safe havens off the Hill.

Take DG Stringer (please!) onetime “special assistant” in Prince Justin’s office, now tendering his special assistance to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and putting some partisan pepper on his “community relations” gig, blatantly stumping for Grit candidates (

And then there’s Mathieu Gravel, who helped oversee James Cowan‘s travel expenses, which the Liberal Senate leader found himself obliged to repay.



Exit Mathieu.

He served a short stint as lobbyist with Universities Canada, until Uncle Jim also rescued him with a gig in the mayor’s office. Judging by the frequent jaunts he takes with His Mayorship, including a fun-filled toot to the Pan Am Games in TO (see pic, above), the tight-trousered pranny hasn’t lost a bit of his travel-expense acumen.

No one’s quite certain what Gravel does as a member of “JimWatsonOttawa’s team” but judging from his Twitter account (, he seems to be having fun on Ottawa taxpayers’ dime!

Sadly, Matty’s ambitious Liberal pal, Anthony Carricato, is still waiting to hear from Uncle Jim.



The only member of Peter Milliken’s boy brigade to get the axe when Andrew Scheer took over as House Speaker, Carricato has struggled to maintain employment in the Liberals’ attenuated empire.

But the Mark Ruffalo wannabe washed out at Andy Cardozo’s Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy “think tank,” though shurely not as a result of moist and garrulous behaviour.

After Gravel snagged him a short-lived stint at Universities Canada, Anthony turned to another Little ShitTM, Environics weasel Greg MacEachern, for assistance.

Meanwhile, two chain-smoking, florist-fancying Grit chicks (Senator Jim Munchkin‘s assistant-thingy Lisa Thibedeau, who long pined for Carricato, and Marie Chantal Theriault, who succeeded him as “events officer” in the Speaker’s office), still cling tenaciously to jobs on the Hill.

Pip, Pip!

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One comment on “Liberal Little ShitsTM in extremis
  1. Bragi says:

    Can anyone name one progressive thing that Watson has ever done at any point in his lengthy political career? Even one memorable thing? How about just a single memorable quote?

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