More Tory backbiting in Nepean

Boys, boys! There’s an election on!

Bob Plamandon supporters, who saw their boy get shot down by Andy Wang for the Tory nomination in Nepean June 28 are still claiming the fix was in (See Also: the Andy Wang Thang).

According to the ceaseless lamentations of the Plamandonians, Wang stole the nom. with the help of his boss Pierre Poilievre. The minister of employment and dirty tricks directed his henchthingies to screw Bob over, even though he was far and away the superior candidate.

After all, if there’s anything President Steve and his band of Little ShitsTM loathe it’s uppity MPs who exhibit any independence. Plamandon, longtime conservative old boy and author of four books, was just the kind of politico who could be counted on to stray from the party hymnal and (gasp!) actually think for himself.

Not so Wang. The former Poilievre fart-catcher has always been a keen student of the art of the braunnose, learned at the keister of his master, the minister.

The Plamondon moaners claim Wang used lists from the likes of Canada China News to recruit “members”, some of whom weren’t Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Their $15 joiners’ fees, it is further preposterously suggested, were taken care of by Wang’s slush fund.

Meanwhile, Andy was busy bamboozling the local Campaign Life Coalition into giving him a last minute endorsement.

The CLC is the bible-bashing crew leading the charge on the anti-sex-ed rallies, claiming that it’s all a plot by Premier Kathleen Wynne to promote her sushi-eating agenda, turn all the children gay, etc.

Wang evidently promised the CLC wackos—and they believed him—that he would introduce tough-on-sluts legislation to ban abortions, even in the event of rape and incest.

Poilievre got directly involved when he overruled two members of the Nepean Candidate Nominating Committee—David Sullivan and Bill Ayyad—who had voted to disqualify Wang because he’d purportedly pilfered the riding association membership list on his last day of work in Poilievre’s office last February.

Felix Wong, a staffer from Tory party HQ in charge of the Nepean nomination contest allegedly gave ballots to anyone rejected at regular voting lines who looked Chinese.

There are also claims Wong stuffed a ballot box and made sure there was no inspection of the boxes before the vote, or comparison of the number of votes cast compared to ballots handed out. Wong also saw to it that ballots were immediately destroyed to avoid any post-election controversy.

But all this might not matter much.  Internal Tory polls now have Wang behind the Liberal candidate Chandra Arya and Wang is said to be sinking fast.

If this anti-Tory vote continues to get behind the Liberals (and Team Plamandon keeps up their divisive whinging) Wang will get what he richly deserves: unemployment!

(Ed. note: None of the allegations has been proven — yet.)


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4 comments on “More Tory backbiting in Nepean
  1. mmedesevigne says:

    If Wang is truly in free-fall, that’s the best news I’ve had all week!!

  2. Buckwheat says:

    Hmmm – a Party without a wang … is it possible?

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