Sure, he’s not Chris Alexander the Great, but do we really need more Greeks?

Well Canada, you got a true humanitarian disaster on your hands right now with the way you’re treatin’ Chris Alexander.

The man’s doin’ all he can, but it’s a big country and the Syrians are a tenacious lot and he can’t keep ’em all out.

We’ve all seen the pictures and they’re terrible, and the photographers oughta be ashamed of themselves.

Never once in history did playin’ on people’s emotions lead to a sensible immigration strategy.

We gave a pass to the Irish back in the potato famine days and look how that turned out. There are more half-breed gingers actin’ like they own the place than ever!

Everybody agrees we have to do somethin’, but what, and at who, and for how much, that’s another matter.

The Bearded Clam and Glamour Boy, it’s like they’re in some UN-induced nightmare of a human trafficking bidding war.

What they want to do with all those Arabs is anybody’s guess, and I bet CSIS has set up a situation room to make some smart guesses. Are they meant to be cheap labour for puttin’ up campaign signs, or is somethin’ more nefarious afoot, like cheap labour for tearin’ down campaign signs?

I hope, in a worst-case scenario, the Conservative team is properly deputized to make citizens arrests that’ll hold-up in our activist courts.

But it’s good to see Mr. Harper stickin’ with his guns, and that the guns are not metaphors. We all know that the Middle East needs to be bombed until it smartens up.

But it takes a very special leader, the kind who would shake hands with his own son, to come out and say it.

And Rosemary Barton. What kinda name is “Barton”?

I hope Chris Alexander has a staffer logged in to

What they uncover could mean the difference in a tight election.

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4 comments on “Sure, he’s not Chris Alexander the Great, but do we really need more Greeks?
  1. rumleyfips says:

    You’re right: Alexander is doing his best. So sad.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Well, at least our treatment of the Jews on the St.Louis doesn’t look as bad now.

  3. orphancarguy says:

    Yeah, but he has the Tiny Conservative Little Shit (TM) Kompassion vidt und K down so pat: “”Simply arriving on our shores and claiming hardships isn’t good enough. This isn’t a self-selection bonanza, or a social program buffet.”

    (better that they should die on some foreign shore after I ignore a hand-delivered via an MP request for help)

  4. Ottawa0001 says:

    Dick Little – home of the best satirical writing in Canada. Since Airbus, anyway. Worth bags of money in hotel rooms, Bart On!

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