The Corpse: Lang lawyers up, hangs on

Amanda Lang has managed to finagle another one-year contract out of the CBC, gleeful reports in the satirical press to the contrary. Frank stands corrected, and in awe.

Lang, the Corpse’s Chief Business Personality, nearly waddled the plank this summer. With her show, the Lang Exchange, in the ratings dumper and the crack journo finding herself in conflict of interest scrapes (more on that later) the tumbrels awaited.

Lang’s union, the Canadian Media Guild, fought tooth and manicure on her behalf, but management had decided to cut ties with the botoxed business thingy.

But then Lang’s lawyer entered the picture, threatening to sue the Corpse if they dumped his client. The prospect of yet another public airing of CBC dirty laundry was vastly unappealing and management immediately turtled.

Had they taken an immediate, damn the torpedoes approach with Lang, as they did Evan Solomon, they could have pulled it off. Alas, Corpse suprema Heather Conway and her team of fartcatchers dithered for six months and missed their window.

But now comes news of yet another Lang ethics lambada.

Overlooked in all the hoo-ha over her connection to the RBC and boyfriend Geoff Beattie (a director of the bank), was another conflict of interest.

After Lang was called out for lobbying internally at CBC on the foreign workers controversy, and interviewing Gord Nixon of RBC, she wrote her celebrated Globe and Mail apologia.

In it, she noted that her relationship with Beattie was “new, and very private…I can see now that I should have disclosed it at the time of the RBC story.”

How curious there was no mention of the Beattie/Lang connection with General Electric.

While the CBC’s whitewash report belatedly acknowledged the RBC conflict, the Corpse’s  subsequent whitewash neglected to mention a 12-minute fluffer Lang conducted with Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, Oct. 13, 2014:

This was some two years into the Beattie/Lang romance, and Beattie, as it happens, is also a director of GE, a company with a market cap of $250 billion.

Frank Fact: Over a two day period last February, Geoff made a whopping insider buy of 800,000 GE shares for $20 million.

Meanwhile, over the past several months, Amanda has been seen boarding private aircraft in Toronto en route to Beattie’s Nantucket digs—which has rank and file sluggos at Corpse HQ turning an envious eye to her jet-setting.

Her Sept. 6 tweet from the US Open, “At US Open, gave photog courtside a Blue Jays cap. #goBluejays,” sent some into paroxysms of pettiness.

Did she get those tennis tickets via Beattie, they wanted to know, or did she attend courtesy of RBC or GE? Courtside tix, next to the photographers’ pit, went for as much as $7,000 a pop. And who paid for the flights to New York? Did Amanda disclose her attendance at the Open?
And so on.

Jealous little bitches.


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  1. reym says:

    Trudeau has pledged increased funding for The Corpse. Why bother?

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