What would Jesus do? Who knows? Nice hair, though!

I used to like Mike Coren.

He’d tell it like it was, instead of how it is or will be, which was like a breath of fresh air from a hundred or so years ago.

But ever since tryin’ on his latest religion it’s like he’s gone soft in that hard-boiled head of his. Ezra Levant needs to stage an intervention and put it up on Rebel Media pronto.

It’s unchristian to vote Conservative? What holy incense is he smokin’?

Mr. Harper and Jesus would get along like a house afire. The Lord said to the leper or whatever, “Take up your bed and walk.”

He didn’t like to see layabouts suckling the taxpayer’s teat no more than our Prime Minister.

Sure, it was a different time, and beds probably weren’t as cumbersome as today’s Sealy posturepedic, but can you imagine the outcry if the PM told a homeless fella with AIDS to pick up his sleeping bag and get out of his sight? He’d be crucified!

Everybody talks about how that candidate peed in a coffee cup, but nobody says nothin’ about how he rinsed it out.

That was an act of Christian charity worthy of Joe Oliver. And about that other guy, I say let him who hasn’t prank-called a dame pretendin’ to jerk off cast the first vote.

Anyhow, it’s good to know Team Harper is not only followin’ the good playbook, but now they even got the guy who wrote it on the payroll.

I don’t know what they mean about Lynton Crosby’s “dog whistle politics,” I just know I like what I hear. If you don’t then maybe you should get your ears checked.

Carry On Up The Crosby, Mr. Harper. Just mind, I get a terrible burnin’ whenever something goes up my Crosby.

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One comment on “What would Jesus do? Who knows? Nice hair, though!
  1. phargrav says:

    And if anyone gives so much as a cup of cold water, or warm pee, to one of my little ones …

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