Ah, ma, I knew my friends would forget, but you promised!

A Frank tip of the ol’ bong to the Marijuana Party’s Marc Boyer, whose six votes in Vancouver Quadra on Monday night earns him the title of Canada’s Least Appealing Federal Election Candidate 2015.

Boyer even managed to finish nine votes behind the Pirate Party’s Trevor Clinton Walper in his riding.

Although there seems to some confusion in the matter (or what’s a reefer for?), Boyer appears to be the son of hitherto perennial Marijuana Party candidate Marc Boyer. One Vancouver blogger recently described the doobie duo as “one of the most obscure political dynasties in Canadian politics.”

Back in 2007, Boyer père defended himself on a pot-trafficking rap by arguing that because his parents never registered his birth, he did not “hold a person” under the Criminal Code, and therefore had “a void contract with society itself” and could not be prosecuted. That led to his fourth marijuana conviction going back to 1980.

While Boyer fils’s six-vote tally this time around pales in comparison to the old man’s 399 in 2004 or even his 158 in 2006, it’s nice to see the kid at least carrying on the family tradition.

Sadly, with Liberal baublehead Justin advocating free weed for everyone, marijuana doesn’t seem to be the burning electoral issue it once was.

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2 comments on “Ah, ma, I knew my friends would forget, but you promised!
  1. katana says:

    “Void contract with society?”

    America’s Patriot Movement of the ’90s wants its rhetoric back.

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