Down the memory hole with Warren Kinsella

It’s a sure sign that Warren Kinsellout is sniffing around for work when he starts blogging the praises of his next chump (client, shurely?!–ed.)

Take, for example, Wornout’s post this week re: Gerry Butts, chief hairstylist to new PM Justin Trudeau.

When a National Post hack called him for a story on Butts but didn’t print any of his fulsome arslikhan, Kinsella helpfully published a transcript of the braunnose on his website:

“[Butts] was highly respected at Queens Park. Fair, friendly, fun. He had both a strong policy background and a great strategic mind. He helped make [Dalton McWimpy] a huge success.

“He was excellent at debate prep, platform development, and communications.

“And let me give you a personal example. I wanted to run for the LPC in a Toronto riding. But instead of dispatching someone else, Gerald told me personally – to my face – that they wanted a woman to address the obvious gender imbalance in Parliament. I was upset, initially, but I came to realize he was right.

“He gave it to me straight, and he was honest. That’s the kind of person we need advising Prime Ministers. They’re rare…” and on and on and interminably on.

But it seems that Warren wasn’t quite as sanguine about Butts denying his nomination as he professed.Kinsella screen shot

Back on Aug. 1, when the Liberal campaign was wheezing well up the track from the Tories and the NDP, Kinsella floated the idea of a “Cottage Coup.”

In this scenario, Butts would be ousted and replaced by David Herle, the longtime Paul Martin fartcatcher.

“The Cottage Coup would see The Pollster (Herle) replace the Senior Strategist (Butts) and the Campaign Manager (Katie Telford).

“It was on its way to being realized, too. But then The Leader shut it down.”

Kinsella’s true sentiments for Butts came next:

“We could delight in the schadenfreude of all this – ‘Don’t trust him,’ some said, shortly before [Butts] giddily shredded decade-long friendships—but we won’t.

“[Butts’] misery is only just beginning. Knives are sharp, memories are long.”

No doubt owing to technical difficulties, the “Cottage Coup” post has disappeared down the memory hole of Warren’s blog.

In fact, his site appears to have spontaneously purged itself of all its copious anti-Butts references.

Through the miracle of Google cache, happily, all these bril’ insights have been preserved for posterity.

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2 comments on “Down the memory hole with Warren Kinsella
  1. Steve-O says:

    Good thing Butts had enough brains not to let Kinsella be a Lib. candidate. They’d have to be desperate to recruit him. As for recommending Herle to replace Butts, isn’t he (Herle) the one who screwed up Martin’s failed election campaign in 2006?

  2. greenspot says:

    nobody like Warnout anymore. He’s on the outside for the forseeable

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