Geez, Louise, Canada, I Think That’s Geraldo’s Kid!

Well, that was a hard election to watch. Had a devil of a time hearing it, too, but Ezra says they’re working out the bugs.

I hope so; I wrote a cheque for $5 towards their studio and I want my money’s worth!

Also, Trudeau won. I should have seen the signs – I mean the literal signs – but I presumed at least on my street they were being used for Halloween decorations.

No other explanation made sense. Everybody thought the Liberals were dead, so I figured the zombie theme was in keepin’ with the season.

But no, it’s all too real. As real as Murdoch Mysteries.

There’s no point second guessin’ now, but I have to think we’d have seen a different outcome if Harper had raised the voting age to be on par with retirement age.

No doubt the usual suspects would have screamed bloody democracy, but if it got on our nerves we could have passed a law against that, too. That’s the beauty of our system.

Anyway, the stupid kids what came out to vote didn’t care a whit about keepin’ Canada safe thru income splitting, they just wanted their government-issue Mary Jane.

It’s not wholly their fault.

They’re too young to remember what a Trudeau government is like, and they don’t learn history in schools anymore. So the teachers have got to shoulder some of the blame.

Well, now I suppose there’s nothin’ left to do but unite the right again.

I just hope the Dippers are up for it.

When all’s said and done I think Tommy Mulcair would make a fine leader.

Just interim, though, until Doug Ford’s ready.

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3 comments on “Geez, Louise, Canada, I Think That’s Geraldo’s Kid!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Tom certainly shifted to the right! Unfortunately, his core supporters chose not to join him. Andrea Horvath repris?

  2. mmedesevigne says:

    Dick sounds like he’s still half in the bag from Monday night. Dick, put down the Jack Daniel’s and step away from the remote!

  3. Serenitynow says:

    Dick – too little too late – however the niqabs will be out for Halloween.

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