Irving Gerstein’s Wailing Wall

119: Number of Canadian business thingies who flew to Israel with Stephen Harper’s entourage in January 2014.
89: Number of the entourage Tory fundraiser Irving Gerstein later convinced to make a contribution to the Conservative Party of Canada.
$139,045: Total amount Gerstein raised for the Tories.
Source: Reliable
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2 comments on “Irving Gerstein’s Wailing Wall
  1. Steve-O says:

    Harper panders to the more Zionist members of the Jewish community in an effort to get their generous contributions in particular (their votes are important, too, but in maybe 12-13 ridings at best). However, his shameless pandering isn’t paying off as well as he had hoped.

  2. ruffneck4u says:

    89 donors x $1500(max/annum) works out to 133,500
    By that measure Gerstein did well.

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