Brown Nose: Retweets of Praise

Jesse Brown Retweeted                                                   
@LindsayDuncan9 Jun 24
Definitely have no specific authority to say so (just a fan) but everything @CANADALAND put out this week was excellent! Everything.

Jesse Brown Retweeted
@ChefGrantSoto Jun 23
@1236 for fucks sake. That was the best @CANADALAND in a long time.

Jesse Brown Retweeted
Angus Bell ‏@CanadianOwl92 Jun 23
It’s episodes like this that make me glad I am a @CANADALAND patron. Great work.

Jesse Brown Retweeted
@TrashyParmer Jun 23
Maaaaaan, @CANADALAND’s most recent SHORT CUTS is making my butthole clench way too hard. My Canadian sensibilities are being throttled.

‏Jesse Brown Retweeted
@DawnSev Jun 23
I’m listening to the latest @CANADALAND & it’s all I can do NOT to jump around the office, punching the air and going, “YES! YES! EXACTLY!”

Jesse Brown Retweeted
@Mares8751 Jun 22
If you aren’t listening to @JesseBrown and @CANADALAND you should be!

Jesse Brown Retweeted
@danicaevering Jun 20
I finally started supporting the great radio I’ve been eating up at @CANADALAND and you can too!

Jesse Brown Retweeted
@jtennant1020 Jun 14
Hey @megan_platts @JesseBrown just said your name on #Canadaland so somehow you just got even cooler.


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2 comments on “Brown Nose: Retweets of Praise
  1. daveS says:

    What happened in June, 14, 20, 22, especially 23?

  2. Steve-O says:

    Jesse Brown is an (something that rhymes with glass bowl).

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