The Thin White Line: Justice for Abdi!

Class of 2016

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3 comments on “The Thin White Line: Justice for Abdi!
  1. daveS says:

    And I only see 3 women (50.4 percent of population and 18 million across Canada to choose from) in the photo.
    These are the graduates, so what was the application pool? Frank lives in Ottawa, how many of the graduates are related to present police forces?

    And then there is the Ottawa fire departments and their unnecessary physical restrictions to keep women out of the firehalls. This includes a $220 fee to apply?
    “May 2, 2016 Fire Dept. Recruitment Campaign kick-off. Stage 1: Recruitment campaign announced. Applicants must apply online. Fee: $220 (written examination)”
    and then “…Ongoing (After Interviews)CPAT (includes orientation, practice sessions and test). Stage 5: Applicants who successfully complete the interview stages move onto to the CPAT stage as required to fill vacancies. CPAT Fee: $450”

  2. tyrone says:


  3. daveS says:

    …Chief Bordeleau (54 per cent).
    “Bordeleau’s approval rating tumbled 20 percentage points in one month, according to Forum Research, while Mayor Watson’s approval rating fell eight percentage points to 66 per cent — a level of support that continues to be exceptionally high for a civic leader.
    Most Ottawa residents believe police Chief Charles Bordeleau made a mistake by using his personal authority to hire a Somali-Canadian recruit who failed a background check, a new poll suggests.”

    So they can’t do anything right according to the tweed curtains of Ottawa.

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