Tootoo Triangle Shocker!

Whatever was behind the sudden burst of candour from Hunter S. Tootoo?

The defrocked minister of fish, after nearly a week of dodging allegations in the Globe and Minion that his frogmarch from cabinet and caucus had been precipitated not only by his brave struggle with alcohol, but by horizontal jogging with the help, thrust himself upon CBC Nunavut Wednesday to read a prepared statement admitting, that, er, it was.

Alas, Tootoo declined to answer any followup questions from the media. As for the identity of his jogging partner, he clammed up out of sheer chivalry:

“As was the case last week, the individual has asked me to protect her privacy, and I am respecting those wishes and I ask that you respect that wish,” he read from his wee binder of currently available truth.

Hunter’s newfound forthrightness, of course, had nothing to do with a pending follow-up story from the Globe.

And really, does it matter which staffer had been roped into a “consensual but inappropriate relationship” with Tootsie?

It might, according to one tale making the rounds in the fertile silence the Liberals created by gassing Tootoo so completely and sans explanation.

The way we hear it, Hunter ingratiated himself with one of the grandees back home, a judge of the Nunavut Court of Justice with whom he was getting a leg over, by hiring her daughter in his Ottawa office.

Long nights in Ottawa with a limo always idling nearby have their time-honoured effect, and the minister soon found himself bridging the generations, unbeknownst to mother and daughter. Eventually they discovered the awful truth, and so, in due course, did the all-seeing, zero-tolerating PMO.

Cue the tumbrels.

A diverting yarn to be sure, but there are only five justices on the Nunavut bench, including Justice Sue Cooper, much-married mom of the delightful Justine Cooper-King, who was in Hunter’s employ until very recently, so the less said the better!

(another,er, inch, please!!–ed.)

Hunter and Sue go back to the Nunavut legislature, where he served as speaker and she, until her 2009 installation on the bench, as law clerk. Justine, small world, was a page in 2012.

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9 comments on “Tootoo Triangle Shocker!
  1. thisguy says:

    That’s inappropriate for sure but not super inappropriate. I am still hearing another rumour that is much more entertaining. Please frank, have the balls to print that one. I have only half a whisper to go on.

  2. Cry havoc and let slip the Socks of war says:

    WHAAAAT are those socks?! Just wow. No words. I wonder if he wore them when he er.. uhh.. nevermind!!! I remember reading a now-infamous New York Times piece in 2012 that said “in Silicon Valley, socks make the entrepreneur.” Hunter Walk (no relation), a seed-stage investor at a firm called Homebrew, compared colorful socks in the tech industry to a “gang symbol.” These Lib-logo, Nunagrit-filled, Grit floor polishers (bedknobs shurley!! -ed.) were no doubt paid for with our tax pesos and that, my fellow Frankians should be in the Criminal Code of Canada. Looks like something Levant would wear. Now there’s a style icon!

    And let me get this right, Fränk. He was schtupping *both* of them??? That’s some high-level double dipping. I hope the long-suffering wimmins involved are coping. I guess he’s just not that too too to you. The two of you. Who’s on first?

  3. daveS says:

    Nunavut’s Liberal MP-elect Hunter Tootoo says his lucky socks helped to clinch his victory on election night. There is speculation he may be in the running for a seat in cabinet. (Sima Sahar Zerehi/CBC) Posted: Oct 20, 2015 5:02 PM CT.

    One assumes that he took them off, “at certain times.”

  4. OJM says:

    Cripes, is there a woman in Ottawa this guy hasn’t narwhalled? And what does his brother Desmond say about all this?

  5. daveS says: news readers are complaining today that they learn more about this affair via Globe and Frank Magazine than their “local press”.

    Keep up the good work for our Far North, Frank.

  6. daveS says:

    “Secret cabinet document lost at DFO during Hunter Tootoo’s final days as minister.
    Department of Fisheries and Oceans says no sensitive information was compromised
    By Katie Simpson, CBC News Posted: Aug 25, 2016 5:00 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016 5:54 PM ET”

    ….”The documents were signed out to the minister and were signed for by [a staff member] who works in the minister’s office and takes care of his cabinet committee meeting binders,” the [ security incident ] report said.”


  7. daveS says:

    “Four of the five Liberals who formed the Nunavut Federal Liberal Association executive have left their volunteer posts in the last few weeks after Tootoo, who had been the federal fisheries minister, resigned from both cabinet and caucus to enter treatment for an addiction.”
    …” Earlier this month, David Lintaman, another former member of the Nunavut Liberal executive, tweeted that most of the executive had quit. He also suggested it was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who chose Tootoo as a candidate, rather than local Liberals.
    “Hunter was a greenlight candidate chosen by the party leader,” Lintaman wrote on Twitter.”
    CTV News Monday, August 29, 2016 5:42AM EDT

    Some people are reading Frank Mag

  8. daveS says:

    Alex Usher ‏@AlexUsherHESA
    It’s Canada so we all have to pretend we haven’t read Frank & have no idea what “consensual but inappropriate” means

  9. daveS says:

    Nothing today (12 Sept) yet in the northern news, but old article with many questions from July 29.
    More tomorrow?

    but reopened wounds on August 17 with 65 angry letters posted….

    NEWS: Nunavut August 17, 2016 – 4:15 pm
    Cone of silence descends upon Hunter Tootoo controversy. Outraged women fear reprisals if they speak out about Nunavut MP’s fall from grace.
    [ Here’s a photo that Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo tweeted Aug. 17, following a visit to Arviat as part of a tour aimed at “reconnecting” with his constituents. (TWITTER PHOTO) ]

    Imagine a silence as deep as what you hear, far out on the land.

    That’s what many Inuit women say they hear from Nunavut’s leaders in response to concerns they’ve raised about MP Hunter Tootoo….. (700 more words)
    (and 5500 words in the 65 comments, so far)

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