Latest Drivel for Friday, Aug. 5, 2016.

Black’s life matters…ours, not so much
Former media mogul Conrad Black says Donald Trump’s rise in the U.S. from political neophyte to Republican presidential nominee is an “amazing achievement….” Though he finds some of Trump’s “reflections garish and tasteless,” Black says the presidential candidate is a “nice guy.” “I will say this, that in the problems I had, he was absolutely loyal, he volunteered to come and give evidence for me, he sent me encouraging letters at every stage,” Black said. “We all go through difficult times and we remember the people who were helpful.”
—Reported by Karolyn Coorsh ,, July 29, 2016.

Perhaps you could have a word with your nice friend then
After promising sacrosanct untouchability for the right to bear arms, Trump promised law and order in terms that sound chilling to anyone with any residual respect for civil rights. Just arming the police to the teeth and increasing their numbers, and authorizing almost anything on the basis of subjective reasonable cause to suspect someone, which is what Trump promised (unless that part of his speech was complete flimflam), is probably going to reduce crime rates and help protect against terrorism. But no one should be under any illusions that policemen so empowered are not going to cause death and grievous bodily harm to a large number of innocents through professedly friendly fire. Despite my liking for Donald Trump personally…I consider this result of a Trump victory very regrettable.
— Conrad Black, National Review, July 27, 2016.

At least not since Chauncey Gardiner
Even in the week that he is nominated by the Republican party for the presidency of the United States, intelligent people fail in droves to understand what Donald Trump has accomplished…. What the world has witnessed, but has not recognized it yet, has been a campaign of genius. No one in history has come from an apolitical background to take over complete control of one of the great American political parties.
—Conrad Black, National Post, Jul. 22, 2016.

But, whatever happens, it’s definitely a win-win
Lorrie Goldstein ‏@sunlorrie Jul 30
Unlike 99.999% of Canadian journos pontificating on Trump and Clinton, Joe Warmington has actually met both of them

Every time I turn around I hear people calling Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton horrible names. I wish they would stop. While there seems to be no middle ground on those two my experiences were so positive…. Hillary was all class. Same goes for Donald Trump when he was putting the shovel in the ground for the Toronto Trump Tower in 2007. [W]ith dozens of prearranged interviews set up, photographer Dave Thomas and I were declined. From 50 feet away Trump interrupted. “I want to talk to the Toronto Sun,” said The Donald…. He asked my name and 90 minutes later he was good to his word…. I like Trump and Clinton. Either will make an excellent president and I have a good selfie with whichever one it is.
—Joe Wormington, Toronto Sun, July 29, 2016.

She’s right, general! Cancel the drone strikes and break out the bullhorns!
Another day, another ISIS terrorist attack in Europe. And another day of politicians telling us to ignore our lying eyes when it comes to terrorism…. Thoughts and prayers are important, but they are not enough. We need words and actions. Words come first. Before we can fight the enemy, we need to have the courage to name it. When U.S. President Barack Obama refuses to use the phrase “Islamic terrorism” he is hampering our efforts to defeat this enemy.
—Candice Malcolm, Sun Media, July 27, 2016.

No fair being black!
[W]atching the first night of the Democrat National Convention felt like it was 1964 all over again…. Democrats pulled the entire deck of ugly race cards all night long…. The night’s theme was how racially divided America has become—curiously, under the first black president…. Sen. Elizabeth Warren ranted that Donald Trump was campaigning to divide America based on race, religion and gender…. Democrats benefit from identity politics, not Republicans. It’s the classic playbook that Barack Obama used. In 2008 and 2012, Obama played the race card and won with historic levels of black voter turnout. And he’s used race throughout his entire presidency as a political weapon…. So, it was no surprise that Michelle Obama gave a fantastic speech Monday at the DNC in Philadelphia, stoking the rage of racial division that swept her husband into office…. Curiously, Michelle didn’t mention that while her black daughters were on the White House lawn playing, her husband was inside plotting ways to exploit race to win battles.
—Crystal Wright, Toronto Sun, July 27, 2016.

That’s true—sometimes they choke them, beat them to death with a truncheon or slam them around in a van till their necks break
The hottest example of myth-making in the public realm at the moment is the Black Lives Matters movement in the United States…. You wouldn’t know it from media reports, but American cops don’t shoot more blacks than whites….
—“Two-gun” Gunter, Edmonton Sun, July 26, 2016.

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2 comments on “Latest Drivel for Friday, Aug. 5, 2016.
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    Perhaps Candace Malcolm could sign up for the military…oh, silly me…the Sun is chock-a-block full of chickenhawks.

    Crystal Wright? KKK.

    Lorne Gunter? Still bitter that Germany lost two world wars last century.

    Joe Warmington? It’s so cute that he got a pat on the head from a whack job from the USA! USA! USA!

  2. OJM says:

    According to Candice Malcolm: “When U.S. President Barack Obama refuses to use the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ he is hampering our efforts to defeat this enemy.”

    He also (thankfully) doesn’t talk much about “Italian criminality” or “Jewish swindlers”…even though, by Li’l Candy’s reasoning, this would help put Mafia bosses in jail and prevent future Bernie Madoffs.

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