Whose (Subsidized) House: Leslie Church-and-State

As the penny-pinching pissants of the parliamentary press gallery continue to feed on the Liberals’ $1.1 million migration, the best and the brightest of the Liberal fartcatcheriat wonder whose ass is next in this witch hunt.

No one is safe after Prime Minister Huggy Elbows first briefly stonewalled, then caved and left Gerry Heimpel-Butts and Katie Telford to return $65,000 of their $207,000 moving money like common senators.

Not even the likes of Leslie Church, onetime Google Canada suprema relocated to Ottawa as chief of staff to Heritage Minister Melanie Joly is safe from the baseless Ordure Paper harassment of the Tories. Leslie brought along her lucky spouse, Liberal lobbyist Sheamus Murphy, VP of federal advocacy (wat dat?!–ed.) at lobby snakepit Counsel Public Affairs.

Leslie and Shameless bought their own little piece of Lindenlea, on Rockliffe-adjacent Middleton Drive last December for $807,000 from Transferease Relocation Services, which seems to have owned the property, purchased last September for a dearer $815,000, for, er three months.
Frank is certain there’s a good technical explanation for this unusual arrangement, and the final bill was probably somewhere north of minus-$8,000.

The involvement of Transferease bolsters confidence that the fun couple, having perhaps Googled their history, did not fatten the bottom line of Brookfield Global Relocation Services (Formerly Royal LePage Ripoff Services), contractor of choice for all the feds’ relocation needs, celebrating a quarter century or so of proudly boning taxpayers on scotch tape (shurely, ‘providing quality relocation and property management services?!’–ed.)

Even before the house-proud Liberal generational rush to Westboro, Brookfield was banging their woofy and much-litigated government monopoly (Franks passim) for half a billion a year.

Shurely Shameless and Leslie wouldn’t think of burdening two hard-billing relocation firms with their humble house move, let alone passing their outrageous fees on to taxpayers.

Andrew Leslie is 76.

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5 comments on “Whose (Subsidized) House: Leslie Church-and-State
  1. TonyH says:

    Wouldn’t that be, uh, “fartcatcheriat”?

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Nice to see Conservatives find a moral compass now that they’re in Opposition. Also nice to
    see Liberals lose some moral superiority. How many Liberal fartcatchers, indeed Liberal farters,
    are married to lobbyists?

  3. daveS says:

    Hmm. bought in December and “Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly’s chief of staff Leslie Church recently gave birth to a baby boy at her Ottawa home. Her neighbour friend and fellow Hill staffer Heather Chiasson was quick to help her out.” Hill Times May 09, 2016.

    What a cozy neighbourhood.

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