Latest Drivel, Monday, Jan. 30, 2017

All in all, enough to earn a fourth grader a solid C+
Donald Trump is not an orator.  Rather he’s a man with a plain message, which he delivers plainly.  Donald John Trump delivered the starkest Inaugural Address of modern times. It was so far out of the mode as to be unique: unembroidered, direct, with little flourish, one message and brief.
—T. Rex Murphy, National Post, Jan. 20, 2017.
As fresh as the dew by the Love Canal
The government belongs to the citizens was the message. It works for the citizens. It does not exist, is not for the benefit of, nor is it owned by those who practice politics, or who live off the administration, practices or management of politics. He is in Washington, the dew-fresh president said, to serve Americans first.
—T. Rex Murphy, op. cit.

And erected a golden tower of bullshit in the vacant lot
Trump has no cloud of semantics or rhetorical overflight to hide behind. He has given himself no cover…. He has bulldozed the old verities of political practice
—T. Rex Murphy, op. cit.

And an even stronger connection to the billionaires who are
The new president will have the very fight of his life to bring into governance what he brought to his campaign. All the forces of condescension, comfort and high place are against him. But he has a connection to all those others who are not in that cocoon.
—T. Rex Murphy, op. cit.

And speaking of fake news…
On Friday a journalist reported that within hours of Donald Trump moving into the White House, the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. that sat in the Oval Office had been removed. It was entirely fake. And it didn’t come from some fringe source either. It was posted on social media by a TIME magazine reporter. The reporter realized it was a mistake and subsequently issued an apology…. This minor incident is a window into exactly what liberal media bias is and why it’ll only worsen in the months ahead.
—Anthony Furey, Postmedia Network, Jan. 23, 2017.

For the record, the MLK bust dust-up never attained the status of a “big story” in the media. Zeke Miller corrected his error—via Twitter—within an hour of making it— via Twitter. There was never any published story to retract.
—, Jan. 21, 2017.

And, simultaneously, an equally perfect symbol of the president-elect’s demented assault on the truth
The CNN hype of the farrago of scatological nonsense about the president-elect and the Russian government ends the pre-inaugural interlude on an all-time triumph of media unprofessionalism, malice, and outright idiocy…. Mercifully, there was one specific incident that will render this hideous canard unforgettable, a scarlet letter to its promoters: that Donald Trump engaged a group of Russian prostitutes to urinate in a bed allegedly occupied in a Moscow luxury hotel some years before by Mr. and Mrs. Obama. This was the Golden Gate, the Golden Shower, the perfect symbol of the demented media assault on the president-elect.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Review, Jan. 17, 2017.

At least now His Lordship won’t have to sit by the phone anymore
Burns’s abilities as a filmmaker are not at issue, but it was clear from his attempted homogenization of the Roosevelts in his documentary about them, his avoidance of the most insightful biographers of FDR, and his adoption of the feminist bunk that Eleanor was virtually a co-president, that in the uniquely complicated process of choosing a president, he was a technically sophisticated but intellectually stunted, undiscriminatingly hypersensitive sophomore.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.

And a whopping 3 per cent of actual scientists are in full accordance
The mountebanks of the global-warming fraud assaulted energy production and capitalism generally. These were not legitimate conservationists and vigilant environmentalists; they were frauds, demanding, for pseudoscientific reasons, the elimination of carbon use.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.

It has all been such a painful national scenario, and Donald Trump responded so unsubtly to the failure of the system—the presidential candidates, the Congress, the media, the bright people from Hollywood to Wall Street—that what is about to happen will not be seen, for a while yet, as the national deliverance and the resurrection of Norman Rockwell and Walt Disney’s virtuous America that it is.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.

How about a four-year-old boy with a toy truck and no eyewitness knowledge of ISIS beheadings?
On Saturday I’m taking my four-year-old son James to his first feminist march…. The march has become…de rigueur in my London postcode—the highlight of the January social calendar, blowing out the bake sale and the rep cinema “baby and carer” screening of La La Land…. I have plenty of friends who seem to want to shelter their children from the messiness of politics, but I am certainly not one of them. One war correspondent I know makes sure his iCloud account is cleared in case his six-year-old daughter might glimpse any carnage photos. I, on the other hand…want my kids to look at my friend’s carnage photos and get upset and angry and then I want them to do something…. In the same way some children grow up with their mother relentlessly applauding their tap dances or criticizing their hair, I have the sound of my mother’s voice lecturing me on the importance of multiculturalism and the evils of income inequality. And now my boys will have the same experience in turn. When he’s older, James will either sign up for Trump Youth to spite me, or submit to that moral soundtrack in his head. For now, this is what a feminist looks like: A four-year-old boy in an oversized T-shirt at a women’s march. What could be more hopeful?
—Leah McLaren, Globe and Mail, Jan. 19, 2017.

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5 comments on “Latest Drivel, Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
  1. phargrav says:

    Indeed, a fine selection of Drivel this time. T. Rex and Tubby sound slightly more intelligent than a retarded chimpanzee who has just imbibed a case of two-four.

  2. OJM says:

    “If I can’t fuck it or wring money from it then it’s no use to me.” That’s the length and breadth of Donald Trump’s moral outlook. The restorer of Norman Rockwell’s America? Only if Norman Rockwell had set his paintings in brothels.

  3. gormab says:

    I just reached (retched?) my limit with Conrad and my head imploded. Now, thanks you, the world is one big El Greco painting. Trump looks better, though.

  4. Papadoc says:

    Seriously, Lord Tubs has entered well beyond the fringes of dementia. It is time for the Post to yank his columns in the name of compassion. His dementia would be more obvious if his columns did not run side by side with T Rex’s, who has also traveled well beyond the fringe.

  5. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “The dew-fresh president,” “bulldozed verities” – wake up Rex, you’re talking in your sleep again.

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