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Richard Madan ‏@RichardMadan
Police confirm 3 shootings: inside Parliament Hill, at War Memorial, nearby mall. Won’t say if all connected #cdnpoli
– Oct 22, 2014

Frank felicitations to CTV Washington corro. Richard Madan, winner of the 2016 Ross Munro Media Award, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal of Canadian journalism.

The log-rolling Conference of Defence Associations Institute, readers may recall, annually bestows the prestigious bauble — and accompanying $2,000 gratuity — on a suitably sympathetic hack who has “produced outstanding work regarding security and defence and the role of the Canadian Armed Forces at home and abroad.” (shurely ‘quoted the CDA with regularity and deference?!’—ed.)

The CDA itself is a “non-partisan” clutch of military old boys, which consistently and vociferously clamours for fatter military budgets. The ensuing enrichment of defence contractors and lobbyists, themselves military old boys, is merely a happy side effect.

They started handing out the Rossie in 2002, coincidentally the same year their government funding became contingent on getting their talking points regurgitated in the press.

Under the Muldoon regime, the feds had subsidized the think tank’s lobbying to the tune of $280,000 a year, and thrown in free office space and phones at NDHQ. Alas, during the Liberal Decade of Darkness™, the freebies and lolly dried up, and the CDA lost their last $75,000 in mad money in ’02.

Henceforth, their stipend depended on ‘earned media.’ The 2007 version of their contract, inked as President Steve was selling the rubes on his extended Afghan adventure, required the CDA “to consider the problems of National Defence” and “to support government efforts in placing these problems before the public.”

Among the “expected results” listed in the five-year, $500,000 deal were to “attain a minimum of 29 media references to the CDA by national or regional reporters.”

And so the Rossie was born to fluff hacks and finesse these transactions. Rich, who is officially being honoured for a number of worthy weepers on PTSD, did his part Dec. 25, 2015, squeezing the CDA into a report on the Iraqi fustercluck. Let’s go to the clip:

SANDIE RINALDO (For it is she)
: And on this Christmas Day, coalition forces are on the verge of liberating a key Iraqi city from ISIS militants. Local troops, reinforced by Allied air power, including Canadian fighter jets, are fighting hard for Ramadi, a strategic city west of Baghdad. But as this offensive nears an end, another more challenging mission is ramping up. CTV’s Richard Madan explains.

RICHARD MADAN (Live from, er, Ottawa): While Iraqi ground troops advance into the ISIS controlled city of Ramadi, Canadian led air strikes against the terror group have intensified in the past 48 hours. Today, National Defence confirmed a pair of CF-18 fighter jets destroyed ISIS fighting positions near three key cities, including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city captured by the terror group a year ago. And now it seems a confident Iraqi military is looking to take it back.

GEORGE PETROLEKAS (Conference of Defence Associations): We’re seeing a dry run against Mosul, which is a much larger city, and it’s much more invested in the mythology of the Islamic State, since that was the very first city that it took.

Nominations for the 2015 Rossie had, alas, closed Dec. 4, but Madan had stolen a march on the competition for 2016. He’ll be presented with his Ross Munro statuette and $2,000 tip Feb. 17 at the CDA’s annual Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence at the Shaw Centre. Trebles all ’round!

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